Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Ambient Signal Playlist 1/23/07

Tonights playlist features some of my favorites, favorites songs from my top albums of 2006 and songs from bands that are releasing my most anticipated albums of 2007

If you missed it, here is the link to my top albums of 2006

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Denali- Gunner
Feist- Mushaboom (mocky mix) (possible new album in 2007)
Forget Cassettes- Salt and Syncope (#6 album of 2006)
Annuals- Brother (#4 of 2006)
The Album Leaf- Always for you (#2 0f 2006)
The Velvet Teen- Noi Boi (#3 of 2006)
Bright Eyes/The Album Leaf- Hungry for a holiday (#17 of 2006, and Bright eyes is releasing a new EP March 6th and a new album "Cassadaga" in April)
Margot and the Nuclear So and So's- Talking in Code (#1 of 2006)
Camera Obscura- Alaska (#5 of 2006)
Explosions in the Sky- What do you go home to? (Releasing a new album in February)
DNTEL- Why I'm So Unhappy (The electronic side of the postal service, new album "Dumbluck" out sometime in '07)
Arcade Fire- Black Mirror (New album "Neon Bible" March '07)
Buildings Breeding- Emma Wood
Postmarks- Goodbye
Big Sir- The Freeways of my mind
Menomena- Muscle n' Flo
Six Parts Seven- Stolen Moments
Postscripts- This is
Bracken- Fight or Flight
Amiina- Ugla (Full length from Sigur Ros's String quartet due early 2007)
Sigur Ros- Gong
Hammock- Shipwrecked(flat on your back) (#7 of 2006)
Dosh- Um, Circles and Squares
Battles- SZ2 (A real full length from these Brooklyn instrumental art rockers due sometime early '07)

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