Friday, November 03, 2006

Pomp and Pride 11.3.06

01. Shout Out Out Out - Chicken Soup for the Fuck You *NEW
02. Middlepicker - Burning up on re-entry *NEW
03. Pixies - Wave of Mutilation
04. Casper and the Cookies - Krotenwanderung *NEW
05. Chin Up Chin Up - We've Got to Keep Running *NEW
06. Stars of Track and Field - Centuries *NEW
07. The Magnetic Fields - Meaningless
08. So It Goes - Apology *NEW
10. Against Me! - Pints of Guinness Make You Strong
11. David & The Citizens - (unknown, bonus track 14) *NEW
12. They Shoot Horses, Don't They? - Apple

Short show, thanks hockey.

CMJ Day 3 - Emelie

Cold, wet and drizzly. By the time I got out on the road, it wasn't too bad. I only got four hours of sleep and my head was huuurting. I left my CMJ book at the apartment so I was just winging it. I went to Barnes and Noble for a free breakfast that was minimal but had those fancy new tea bags that are made of silk or something and they are triangular. So neat! I met up with Jeremy and Blar and we hit up many many panels that day. It was college day, so everything was geared towards us. We saw some porn stars talk.. I quoted a few of them. Interesting. Music and porn; what more do you need in life? -Jesse Caps The whole connection between women and music is very interesting. They talked about how music videos feature women and many promotional parties do as well (regardless of the item). Later we went to a lecture on PR and getting your radiostations name out there. It was really interesting and inspired me to do more PR stuff for the station. After all that, Jeremy and I went down to Tribecca to see Stranger Than Fiction which was playing for us at Tribecca Cinemas. I'm not one for humor but everyone else was laughing like crazy. I cried at the end, I felt it was a really touching movie, oddly enough. Then we went our seperate ways, and I headed off to the Marie Antoinette Filter Magazine party at the Hiro Lounge at the Maratime Hotel. They were serving Sofia champagne, from the Francis Ford Coppola Winery in California. Everything was free. Free t-shirt when you walked in, drinks, pins, magazines, feathers like Marie would wear, etc. So much fun! Ra Ra Riot performed and so did Bow Wow Wow. I grabbed some posters and went home after the show. I have to get back on the road today, later than yesterday but still okay. -Emelie

Thursday, November 02, 2006

11- 02- 06

Thursdays : 4 - 6 p.m.

CMJ Day 2 - Emelie

What a trip. I woke up late yesterday and showered and got ready. Took the G train to the C right to Columbus Circle. I stopped in this amazing bagel shop (Bergen Bagels, the best of Brooklyn n my opinion) on the way for tea and a bagel with basil cream cheeese. SO good! The girls I'm staying with (who attend Pratt and are both art majors) made me a hand drawn map that told me where to go in a fun little way. It saved me. CMJ gave us this handbook that is your Bible while you are here. Seriously.

I met up with Blar and Jeremy and we did some booth browsing. I found this company that dealt with American/French electronic music relations. She gave me a booklet of all the artists. The first page was Air and it only got better from there. She gave me her business card so expect more from artists like Mr. Oizo, Octet, and many more French artists.

We attended a panel on digital music and it featured people from, rhapsody, napster and more.

The entire crew went to see the movie FUCK, which was a documentary on the word. It was great. The interviews were from both right and left wings, and comedians; making for an extremely funny movie. Highly reccomended.

Later on in the night Jeremy and I went to a bar where I met up with Jessica from SPECTRE Entertainment, where I was denied to a bar for being under 21. Lame. Honeycut and Kraak & Smaak were playing so I wasn't able to catch them. From there we went to see The Knife play at Webster Hall (which as Jeremy pointed out, was decorated with webs for halloween - har har). We found this extremely drunk kid (or rather, he found us) who was SO excited and just made our night so much better.

In line for the show we met this cool band called In Blood Lines. They have a show on Friday. Very cool kids from Canada.

The Knife show was great, they performed in head to toe jumpsuits, facial masks that glowed in blacklight and they were behind a screen the entire show. The lights were strictly black lights and there were neat visuals on the screen in front of them and behind. It was so well done. The set felt some what short, especially considering it was the only act, but it was their second show in the US, I'll take what I can get.

After the show Jeremy and I were pools of sweat and we hit up the pizza place (again) for a bite of heaven. Then we went our seperate ways - myself, Brooklyn bound at 1am.

Today, it looks like rain. That makes me iffy. It's college day however and I have a free breakfast to catch! I'm off!

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

punk and indie gems - nov 1st

This is a shorter show than normal since WRPI was off the air until 1:18pm
* means the band is active

1 -- indian summer - truman -- my friend jon gave me an indian summer cd. it's old emo
2 -- jawbreaker - face down -- jawbreaker during their grunge phase
3* -- built to spill - conventional wisdom -- newest single from built to spill
4* -- defiance, ohio - old dead tree -- folk punk from indiana
5* -- emily haines and the soft skeleton - our hell -- from the new bins. pretty good
6 -- television - the dream's dream -- television is what the who would be if they were punk
7* -- the evens - you won't feel a thing -- former hardcore singer and indie drummer collaborate on something beautiful
8* -- the matches - sunburn vs the rhinosaurus -- this song's about suicide i think. i like the sound of the whole cd but haven't listened to it much yet
9 -- replacements - answering machine -- awesome song about heartbreak

CMJ Day 1 feedback/concert review

What up folks, I'm currently waking up in the Brooklyn place I'm staying at. I'm going to head out to the "Gearhead's Unite: An overview of the hottest new musical gadgets" panel starting at 12 over at the Lincoln Center and staying around for the Engineer/Producer reltionship panel, and possibly moving to a guide on how to get your music in video games. And I'll report tomorrow about what concerts I see. But last night...ooh last night was great. I made it into the place I'm staying and sat around for a while wondering if I had the energy to make it all the way back to manhattan to see a show that started at midnight. I was also worried that the L train wouldnt be able to get me back over to brooklyn after the show and I'd have to pay a million dollars for a taxi (or 20).

At 10:20 I was already on the move to joe's Pub(beware the 2 drink minimum..their cokes are 5 dollars!!) to see Amiina (they're the string quartet that plays with sigur ros), and I managed to get in line for the show at 11:05. I have seen the band twice before, once at joe's pub and once opening for sigur ros and they have been fantastic. I managed to get a seat that was flanking the stage..I could reach out and touch the performer's equipment. The band is comprised of 4 childlike icelandic women, and they perform in what seems like the same dresses every night. One red, one blue, one green, and one blue with white flowers. Adorable. I sat right behind the one with the blue dress, Maria is what it said on her wireless headphone transmitter. It took them quite a while to set up, but the beginning ambience of a rumbling fireplace and crackling logs signalled their impending start. I'll just now list their setlist with notes I took, because it was a long set.
  1. Litli Blar - odd ambience of mostly strings, kind of short
  2. Blaskjar-off aminamina ep
  3. Hemi(pode) -off aminamina ep
  4. Luppa- used a harmonium
  5. Kolapot
  6. Glamur- played wine glasses for ambience, and did odd things like bowing the edges of glockenspiel chimes
  7. Hilli- they forgot their mandolin for this one, had to run and get it. Messed up a lot on and seemed to give up in the end, but the mandolin melody was great
  8. Shakka- off aminamina ep
  9. djambo- i think this was a 'jam' to lead into ugla
  10. Ugla- featured electric guitar, and a cute synth line from a toy piano. Had a very heavy bassy driving rhythm
  11. djamm - another jam before fjarskanistan
  12. Fjarskanistan- also off the aminamina ep, but one of my favorite songs by them, very long drawn out melody, but very beautiful
  13. Seoul- title track on their upcoming ep, features a bowed saw for melody, and a rocking toy bell section
  14. MAMB!-Had a cool synth line, and they laid down an odd synth line with the cello that was going through some sort of effect. The whole song seemed to be building for something.The song ended with a sudden, but well orchestrated stop, and the show was over.

At the end the audience clapped for a solid 2 minutes and the members came out and bowed and clapped for us twice, it was very cute. I know the setlist because well..after the amazing end of the show, I managed to nab it from the stage. Lucky me, 2 of them were selling merch by the entrance, and I got their autographs and thanked them for playing. I am very glad I decided to make the trip out, I would have regretted it if i hadn't gone. Alright time to be off to the panels..check in tomorrow!

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Hello From CMJ: Day 1

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Dan Deacon is playing not too far and I wish I could be at that show, or at The Mathematicians in Albany!
Let it be known, Blar, Jeremy and I have all successfully made it to CMJ. We've checked in and started our adventure. Tonight, I decided to stay in and get settled. Dragging my suitcase and sleeping bag alone, from where Blar parked, through one subway line to the next was quite the adventure. If you know me at all, you know I'm not one to pack lightly. Blar and I got some pizza in this small overheated place and it was fantastic. There was an old man in the corner who was dressed so classy but looked as if he could hardly handle walking. My badge flapping in the breeze as Blar and I walked the streets. Blar is the only person who walks faster than I do through the city. The subway was packed with halloween costumes and paper bags with alcohol. Part of me felt bad for not celebrating my favortite holiday, but I think I did enough of it this past weekend. In NYC kids go trick-or-treating to stores, I find that pretty neat. In our free-bee bag came lots of indie pins, cds, ad cards, a cigarette tin and a condom that says PLAY HARD in a matches container? I'm overwhelmed with what to do tomorrow and the rest of the week. My schedule looks like the following:

10am-5pm – CMJ Tradeshow – Grand Promenade of Avery Fischer Hall
1:15-2:15: Based on a True Story: Music Biopics – Helen Huntington Hull
3- Asobi Sesku – Apple Store - Soho
2:30 – 3:30: The Guru Guide to Music’s Latest High-Tech Media – Avery Fischer Hall
3:15 FUCK: the movie
8-12:15 – Arlene’s Grocery – Peachcake (12:15)
7-1 – Mercury Lounge – Girl Talk(1am)
10:15 – The Knife - Webster Hall – Doors open at 6pm

So many things overlap, and I need to figure that stuff out. I definitely want to go to the Knife show though over the others. I'm getting sleepy so early tonight. I'm sleeping in tomorrow; the panels didn't grab my attention that much and I could use the sleep. That's all for now! I hope to get you some pictures soon too!

In other news, here is my playlist from last Saturday:
Push It / Salt-N-Pepa
5 Wishes & More / Moogwai
Speedbumps / Sounds from the Underground

All Sing Along / Audio Bullys
Drop Entitled / Bitcrush
Robot Girl (Featuring Ellen Allien) / Mochipet
The Hand That Feeds (DFA Remix) / Nine Inch Nails
Happy hippo / Cloud Cult
Teenagers in Love / Riding Paper Airplanes
The Snow Falls (Featuring the Train) / The Baldwin Brothers
Le Disko / Shiny Toy Guns
Rotorblade / Sounds from the Underground
Climbing on Roofs (Desperate Edit) / 65DaysOfStatic
Shake Your Coconuts (DFA Remix) / Junior Senior
Quills (Smash TV Mix) / Mochipet
Air Is Invisible / The Baldwin Brothers
Transistor Radio / Cloud Cult
Neverland / The Knife
W.O.R.K. / Bow Wow Wow
6 Days (Radio Mix) / Cloud Cult
Mothership / Kid Beyond
Colours (DFA Remix) / Hot Chip
Micael / Juana Molina
Every Ghost Has It’s Spectre / Bitcrush
Original Bedroom Rockers – Ambient Dance Party / The Anti-drama

Pomp and Pride covers for Ambient Signal

Blar's a lucky boy, so I'll be taking over for Ambient Signal today. I'll try to keep the playlist as true to AS as possible.

Here is the playlist from my collection, new music will be added during the show.

01. Hammock - Kenotic
02. Portastatic - Sour Shores *NEW
03. Galaxie 500 - Hearing Voices
04. Flaming Lips - They Yeah Yeah Yeah Song *NEW

05. Dani Siciliano - Come as You Are
06. The Asteroid #4 - Ask Me About Pittsburgh *NEW
07. Denali - Time Away
08. Shout Out Out Out Out - Dude You Feel Electric *NEW

09. Bridge And Tunnel - Phantom Semaphore
10. Moros Eros - I Will Come Back Again *NEW

11. Mathematicians - LCD
12. David and the Citizens - On All American Winds *NEW

13. Stars - Set Yourself On Fire
14. Chin Up Chin Up - Green Water *NEW
15. Bjork - Venus As A Boy

16. Theo Angell - Sheost *NEW
17. F.S. Blumm - Blick

18. Stars of Track and Field - With You *NEW
19. Grandaddy - Stray Dog And The Chocolate Shake

20. The Curtains - Green Water *NEW
21. Gang of Four - We Live as We Dream, Alone
22. Cornelius - Smoke

23. DEVO - Freedom of Choice
24. Eels - Wooden Nickels
25. The Dismemberment Plan - You Are Invited

monsters get slain! oct 30th.

well today was quite an interesting episode of monsters get slain. i had a wonderful guest band play a wonderful set live in the studio and it sounded amazing!!

scientific maps played 6 or 7 songs today!

we started the show with monsters get slain by ghost mice (to keep continuity, of course)
then we moved onto a Q&A with scientific maps.. we talked alot about their individual work as well as collective work.
then they played a great set.. but i didn't write down the names of the songs right so i'll just say they a couple from their new album, "get off the moon" which releases on a big wonderful show jan 12th at valentine's.

(they're also playing on december 23rd at red square)

then i played 3 songs.
kimya dawson- underground
michael jordan touchdown pass- the march of insubordination (please please please listen to this song. it's amazingly catchy and so so happy but so so angry too)
johnny hobo and the freight trains- put arsenic in the frosting next time.

unfortunately i won't be doing my show (anyone want a free hour after 10pm next week?) because i'll be at the johnny hobo performance at the ironweed collective in albany next monday.
you should go too!

well now back to the books!