Saturday, March 17, 2007


artist - song title
the appleseed cast - mountain halo
una - jonah
nicky hind - reverie
lcd soundsystem - north american scum
minus the bear - this ain't a surfin' movie (iqu 06 remix)
automusik - the hound dog
the berg sans nipple - mystic song
bracken - we cut the tapes and scatter
air - once upon a time
modest mouse - so much beauty in dirt
arcade fire - intervention
2 bit pie - here i come
rjd2 - the horror
goldfrapp - t. raumschmiere remix
air - napalm love
the blow - true affection
shen - main springs
disasterpiece - press start: prelude to an unfolding conflict
kc flight - planet e (talking heads remix)
hot chip - colours
talking heads - once in a lifetime
royksopp - royksopps night out
tape five - tango
hooverphonic - jackie cane
sofian rouge - casablanca streets
frosted ambassador - track 5
hooverphonic - antartica
alyeshka - whitebread girl, I love you
lcd soundsystem - all my friends
modest mouse - dashboard
the knife - pass this on (dahlback remix)
lamb - lusty

happy st. patricks day <3
[I have freckles]

Friday, March 16, 2007

monsters get slain march 15th 2007

another wonderful set. this time all songs are by xiu xiu. i decided to go for a little "tribute" instead of the normal mix. this is the best xiu xiu compilation for radio i've ever seen.. mostly because i've never seen one.. and restly because you just can't beat that.

clowne towne

the fox & the rabbit
crank heart
brian the vampire
save me
sad pony guerilla girl
support our troops (black angels OH)
20,000 deaths for eidelyn gonzales, 20,000 deaths for jamie peterson
vulture piano
helsabot of caraleebot
hello from eau claire
bishop, ca
i luv the valley OH

this website is pretty amazing:
this is information about the name of the band

wow time to clean a litter box and get some sleep

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Hot Zig 3.15.07 I DON'T EVEN KNOW

01. Plan B - Oranges/Little Tiny *NEW
02. Origami Ghosts- When the Sidewalk Ends *NEW
03. The Weakerthans - A New Name for Everything
04. The Doom Loop - Astroplane *NEW
05. Gang of Four - We Live As We Dream
07. The Strokes - Meet Me in the Bathroom
08. Mother Mother - Ball Cap *NEW
09. Wilco - Hummingbird
10. Artichoke - Anarchy in the UK *NEW
11. Streetlight Manifesto - On and On and On
12. Foreign Islands - Hold On To Nothing *NEW
13. Mathematicians - What's the Difference
14. Illinois - Screendoor *NEW
15. They Shoot Horses Don't They - The Farthest Reaching

The Blender, Thursday Mar 15 @ 2-4p

A mess of good stuff in this week. Artists to look out for include El-P, Plan B, Pentliczek, and especially Kieran Hebden & Steve Reid. I also can't wait for the new Cornelius album to come out.

El-P - Tasmanian Pain Coaster (w/ The Mars Volta)
Lemon Jelly - Ramblin' Man
Cornelius - Music
Automusik - De Robots Braken Mijn Radio
My Brightest Diamond - Freak Out (Gold Chains Panique mix)
Goldfrapp - Lovely 2 C U (T.Raumschmiere remix)
LCD Soundsystem - Get Innocuous (sped up slightly)
!!! - Heart of Hearts
Klaxons - Forgotten Works
Thes One - Northwestern Bell
Schneider TM - A Ride
3:00, "What's Going On Here?"
Will Bernard - Afro Sheen
Air - Redhead Girl
Plan B - Oranges
Li Alin - Divinations
Pentliczek - La Zona de Silencio
Minus the Bear - The Game Needed Me (The Oktopus remix)
Cassette Concret - She Re-Presents the Sea
Kieran Hebden & Steve Reid - The Sun Never Sets
Panda Bear - I'm Not
Liz Isenberg - People Who Die In the Desert
The Flatland Collective - Longtones

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Radio #1 - I have octopus hands.

  1. Bent - Moonbeams
  2. Air - Radio #1
  3. Emotional Joystick - Majik Johnson
  4. Don Caballero - Let's Face It Pal, You Didn't Need That Eye Surgery
  5. Kim Hiorthoy - Tak
  6. Lali Puna - B-Movie
  7. Studio - Self-Service (short ver.)
  8. The SLIP - Children of December (playing Rev. Hall 3/21/07)
  9. Studio - West Side
  10. The Cars are the Stars - True
  11. Benoit Pioulard - Forming at the Mouth
  12. Kim Hiorthoy - As If
  13. Crystal Castles - love and caring
  14. Christ. - Making a Snow Angel
  15. Gerling - Death to the Apple Gerls
  16. Plej - Song
  17. Infected Mushroom feat. Xerox - Acid Killer
  18. Marco V. - Godd
  19. Psygone - Camarg Kaniter
  20. Jackson and his Computer Band - Tropical Metal
  21. Populous - Dance-Hall Nostalgia
  22. Daft Punk - Revolution 909
  23. Digitalis - Rapid Eye
  24. Infected Mushroom feat. GMS - Arabian Nights on Mescaline (!!)
  25. Logic Bomb - Future Uncertain
  26. Leftfield - Inspection (Check One)

red = dance party/rave/music for the pinch in you

Jock the Sock
Tuesdays 2-4PM

Sorry for the delayed post! Yesterday was a funfilled show, complete with a special guest from Wales, lots of new music, and a sprinkle of Irish music in spirit of St. Patty's Day. Also, requests made are in orange.

the white stripes- there's no home for you here
kings of leon- king of the rodeo
the decemberists- yankee bayonet (i will be home then)
the mountain goats- dance music
of montreal- fun loving nun
of montreal- cato as a joun
of montreal- voltaic crusher/undrum to muted da
the magnetic fields- yea! oh, yeah!
hot hot heat- you owe me an iou
Special guest interview: Shyam Dauhoo from Wales, UK presents his music
zetetic- prepare to regret
dj schmoo- join me (remix)
mylo- in my arms (popular computer remix)
wilco- heavy metal drummer
weezer- my name is jonas
!!!- all my heroes are weirdos
flogging molly- drunken lullabies
fun lovin criminals- all for self
bright eyes- four winds
dropkick murphys- finnegan's wake
grandaddy- cinderland
red hot chili peppers- apache rose peacock
the shins- australia
peter bjorn and john- young folks
andrew eckel- judy burhans
PSAPP- tricycle
go! motion- charm is harmless
neutral milk hotel- two headed boy
winterpills- july

Punk and Indie Gems - 3/14/7 -- 2 minute playlist

Hey everyone! Today I'm doing a playlist based wholly on songs under 2 minutes!

1 -- peter paggi - groundhog -- my friend from ground zero plays old folk songs
2 -- q and not u - so many animal calls
3 -- the shins - pam berry -- from their new album
4 -- the apples in stereo - my pretend -- from their new album
5 -- belle and sebastian - a summer wasting
6 -- defiance ohio - hey kathleen are you hungry
7 -- the door-keys - safe
8 -- one reason - the story of a hometown
9 -- paul baribeau - i miss that band
10 -- abe froman - after the fact
11 -- the four eyes - debate team
12 -- the felice brothers - song to die to
13 -- midtown dickens - shiny guitar
14 -- bad brains - don't need it
15 -- government issue - fashionite
16 -- minor threat - screaming at a wall
17 -- fugazi - shaken all over
18 -- bad religion - television
19 -- the futureheads - robot
20 -- x - year one
21 -- fear - hey
22 -- dead kennedys - stealing people's mail
23 -- wire - 12xu
24 -- hed 1st - no trace -- a local band from troy plays ska
25 -- descendents - jean is dead
26 -- lag wagon - sleep -- request
27 -- the vandals - anti
28 -- monkey gone mad - listen
29 -- the sissies - i'll go crazy
30 -- mathematicians - and counting
31 -- be your own pet - let's get sandy (big problem)
32 -- nofx - august 8th
33 -- mission of burma - ok/no way
34 -- sufjan stevens - put the lights on the tree
35 -- dirty jeans jenkins - trisha
36 -- liz isenberg - wake up with
37 -- ghost mice - boy meets girl

Three Short Words - Hey, It's The Sun - 3/14/07

Awesome new songs in blue.
Awesome old(er) songs in black.

Animal Collective - Banshee Beat
Of Montreal - Heimdalsgate Like a Promethean Curse
The New Pornographers - Testament to Youth in Verse
Enon - High Society
Elf Power - High Atop the Silver Branches
Eels - I Like Birds
Ted Leo & the Pharmacists - Under the Hedge
The Futureheads - Danger of the Water
Arcade Fire - Black Wave/Bad Vibrations
Stars - Your Ex-Lover is Dead
Schneider TM - Cataractact
Broken Social Scene - Ibi Dreams of Pavement
The Flaming Lips - What Is the Light?
Spoon - That's the Way We Get By
LCD Soundsystem - North American Scum

Addicted to Baked Goods 3/14

Here is my playlist for today. My show is on Wednesdays from 10am to 12pm. New Music in Green.

song - artist

la pour ca - nada surf
daria - cake
always on my mind - phantom planet
four winds - bright eyes
lover's rock - the clash
farmer chords - ben gibbard
alec eiffel - get up kids (pixies cover)
australia - shins
queen of the savages - the magnetic fields
track 3 - the io's
in the aeroplane over the sea - neutral milk hotel
i will follow you into the dark - death cab for cutie
hooray - minus the bear
pale blue eyes - the velvet underground
the spaces in between - preston school of industry
seattle - jeffrey lewis
all the money or the simple life honey - the dandy warhols
slow down - the new amsterdams
mellotron 2 - apples in stereo
(antichrist television blues) - arcade fire
lebanese blonde - thievery coporation
art snob solutions - of montreal
boss dj - sublime
broke - modest mouse
snapshot - kinky
sugarcube - yo la tengo
my awful dream - the muffs
shinning on - big d and the kids table
40' - franz ferdinand
miracle drug - a.c. newman
jumpers - sleater kinney
orange rhyming dictionary - jets to brazil
wake up - arcade fire


Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Ambient Signal playlist 2/20/07 (Un-American)

WRPI 91.5fm! for webcast

Today's show theme is playing just bands that aren't american (yes canada counts as un-american..) Enjoy! THis is my last idea for a show theme for a while..unless you can help me out

Camera obscura- Lloyd I'm Ready to be Heartbroken (Scotland)
Emily Haines- THe Maid Needs a Maid (Canada)
Stars- Counting stars on the ceiling (Canada)
Khoiba- No Feedback (Czech Republic I think..)
Amy Millan- Wayward and Parliament (Canada)
A Northern Chorus- Red Carpet blues (Canada)
Mono and Worlds End Girlfriend- Untitled 5 (Japan)
----Break for new music----
Bright Eyes- Tourist Trap
Mason Proper- A Chance Encounter
Arcade Fire- No Cars Go
El-P-Poisenville kids no wins/Reprise (This must be our time)
Cyann and Ben- Words
Maria Taylor- Clean Getaway
-----end new music----

Mum- Green Grass of Tunnel (Iceland)
Doves- A House (Great Britain)
Mogwai- We're no here (Scotland)
M83- Until the night is over (France)
Efterklang- Antitech (German i think?)
Sigur Ros- Untitled 4 (Iceland)