Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Ambient Signal - 12/29/09 - Year end best show!

WRPI 91.5fm!
http://www.wrpi.org/ for webcast
Tuesdays 4-6pm

Tonight I'm featuring some of my favorite songs of 2009 (as mentioned in my post below this one!)...I'll be deviating from the formula a little bit later in the show, but we'll see how it goes...

Ramona Falls - I say fever
Mew - Introducing Palace Players
The Antlers - Sylvia
Bibio - Lovers' Carvings
Camera obscura - Away with murder
Le Loup - Family
Why? - Into the shadows of my embrace
Cortney Tidwell - 17 Horses
Doves - Winter Hill
Animal Collective - What would I want? Sky
Lymbyc Systym - Trichromatic
We are the willows - windows
Mono - Burial at sea
Karen O and the kids - Hidaway
Grizzly Bear - While you wait for the others (request for more grizzly bear)
St. Vincent - Actor out of work
Wye Oak - Take it in
Sunset Rubdown - Idiot Heart
Balmorhea - Harm and Boon
Bon Iver - Woods
Animal Collective - My Girls
Nurses - Technicolor
Land of talk - A series of small flames
The Dodos - Fables
Grizzly Bear - Two weeks
Fanfarlo - Ghosts
Here we go magic - Fangela
Neko Case - This Tornado loves you

Monday, December 21, 2009

Ambient Signal's top albums and other things of 2009

Whew...here it is...the top howevermany albums of the year..it was incredibly hard to put things in a proper order, and I really only deliberated over the top 5 or so. I also thought it would be fun to use my iTunes stats and sort of figure out how much I had actually listened to some of my top albums in relation to their rank...here we go:

ALPT = Averages listens per track..i.e. the average number of times I would've listened to each individual track on the album, or the album as a whole..no error bars today

12. Balmorhea - All is wild, all is silent - ALPT= 2.8
Really nice more acoustic leaning post-rock instrumental stuff that I just discovered this year, but they have been around for a while. Best track: Harm an
d Boon

11. Nurses - Apples Acres - ALPT = 3.6
Probably not something I would normally like, but damn if a few songs off of this sort of freak-folk leaning album didn't get stuck in my head all the tim
e. Best track: Technicolor

10. Cortney Tidwell - Boys - ALPT = 3.5

A really all over the place album genre-wise, but her voice really holds it together. Best track: Being Crosby (or 17 Horses)

9. Doves - Kingdom of rust - ALPT = 4.8

Really glad to see some of my old favorites come back with a solid album of psychedelic leaning brit-rock. I was a much bigger fan of the album when it first came out, but as the months have passed, I found myself returning to it a little less. There are still some hits on it in the first few tracks though. Best track: Winter Hill

8. Why? -Eskimo Snow - ALPT = 4.6

A far cry from last year's amazing Alopecia, but definitely some great stuff hiding in this album as well. The major issue for me with Eskimo Snow was the dropping of the more interesting hip-hop style production on his earlier albums. The more live sounding band format is an interesting experiment, but ultimately I prefer the older stuff. That being said, there are some gems on here that I'll be coming back to. Best track: Into the Shadows of my Embrace

7. Bibio - Ambivalence avenue - ALPT = 4.3
Another initially unknown artist for me, but someho
w I was initially attracted to this album. At first it reminded me a lot of RJD2 with sort of 70's tinged electronic music production with some funky elements...but the album throws so many curveballs at first it sounds like a genre train wreck, but the songs really start to grow on you. Best tracks: Haikuesque or Lover's Carvings

6. Le Loup - Family - ALPT = 5.0

I was a big fan of Le Loup's 2007 release, and I was curious where they would take their sort of spacy-banjo-electronics-chanting sound. To my dismay, they lost the banjo in this album, but the other sonic shifts make many of the songs much more immediately accessible. It doesn't have the more adventurous quirks of the previous, but is more satisfying as a whole. Best tracks: A Celebration and Family

5. Camera Obscura - My Maudlin Career - ALPT = 10.4

I have been a big fan of Camera Obscura for quite a while, and this album did not disappoint. I'm still on the fence as to whether this one tops 2006's amazing "Let's get out of this country" but that's not a bad problem to have. Best tracks: Away with Murder and My Maudlin Career

4. The Antlers - Hospice - ALPT - 8.2

Here begins some of the total surprise albums of the year. I hadn't even heard wind of this band before Tim posted his review of the album on the blog back in July, and the re-mastered album hadn't even come out by this point. I was immediately swept away by the bizarre skill of balancing the pop and the ambient. The subject matter was definitely the heaviest of the year, and it sometimes made me nervous to listen to it as much as I did, but it definitely came out as a successful risk. Best tracks: Two and Bear

3. Mew - No More Stories Are Told Today I'm Sorry They Washed Away No More Stories The World Is Grey I'm Tired Let's Wash Away - ALPT = 8.57

I have no idea where this album came from. I had passed on Mew several times over the past few years (I recently came across a note of "Bands to listen to" from 4 or 5 years ago and Mew was on it). I'm almost glad I waited, because this album sticks out of my favorite of theirs from the last few years. These Danes in a way managed to make music that was just fun to listen to. Extremely complex (and varied) arrangements and very skilled musicians made this an album with some real staying power. I really had trouble wearing this album out because I would come back and find a whole new song to become obsessed over. Best tracks: Introducing Palace Players and Sometimes life isn't easy

2. Ramona Falls - Intuit - ALPT = 14.1

Ramona Falls is the solo project of Brent Knopf of Menomena. As many of you may recall (and by many, I mean none), Menomena's Friend and Foe album was my favorite album of 2007. There are many of the same Menomena-ish elements here, but much more subdued and spaced out. The album is consistently good all the way through, only wavering a bit for a track or two in the last third. Best tracks: I say Fever and Clover and Bellyfulla

1. Grizzly Bear - Veckatimest - ALPT = 14.1

You can talk about how everyone really bought into the hype for this album, but trust me, the hype is deserved. I luckily managed to avoid a lot of the blogspam raving on the early leak of the album and held out until I had my own physical copy. For weeks I had the album on repeat, and would find new gems every few days. I could never quite put my finger on what they were doing, and how they were doing it, but the important thing was that they were doing it. I felt like I hadn't heard pop music handled quite this way before, but it was an exciting detour. Just the right sprinkling of detailed arrangements, weirdness, and catchy hooks. This is definitely a classic I'll be coming back to for years. Best tracks: Two Weeks (omg) and While You Wait for the Others and Ready Able

Best EP's
1. Bon Iver - Blood Bank EP
I was so mad when I discovered Bon Iver back in June. I wanted to know why no one had grabbed me by the lapels, shaken me 'til my monacle had fallen out and yelled "Good god man, You haven't listened to Bon Iver yet?!" Surely "For emma, forever ago" would have been in my top albums of 2008 had I known about it, but ah well..at least its in my collection now. This is a short EP, but Blood Bank and Woods are amazing standouts. Woods is one of the most beautiful songs I have heard in a long time, and is the most successful use of autotune I have heard so far.

2. Land of talk - Fun and laughter
I passed on it the first few listens, but every song on it soon became essential listening...which is unlike their full length "Some are lakes" where I really only loved a couple tracks. I'm looking forward to the next full length based on the direction they took with this EP. Best track: A series of small flames

3. Phantogram - EP
Kind of hard for me not to be a fan of these guys when I occasionally do live video for them at shows. I had been waiting for this EP to be released properly since I first saw them over a year ago as I really needed something I could practice along with. I am really looking forward to their debut full length coming in February...it's going to blow up, I promise you.

4. Animal Collective - Fall be kind EP
I always have trouble with Animal Collective's full lengths. I fall in love with one or two songs, and then just can't stand the rest of the album. This EP however had much more bearable tracks that were mixed in a way that I could actually understand what I was listening to. Best track: What would I want? Sky

Best songs (no order):
Grizzly Bear - Two weeks
Animal Collective - My Girls
Mew - Introducing palace players
Ramona Falls - I say fever
Camera Obscura - Away with murder
Bon Iver - Woods
Animal Collective - What would I want? Sky
The Antlers - Two
Bibio - Lover's Carvings
The Dodos - Fables
Nurses - Technicolor
Land of talk - A series of small flames
Why? - Into the shadows of my embrace
(and a bunch I'm forgetting)

Disappointing albums of the year (albums I wish were better..or bands I used to like and have sort of fallen out of favor)...maybe i'll come back to them eventually
Cursive - Mama I'm swollen
Orenda Fink - Ask the night
Conor Oberst - Outer south
Monsters of Folk - s/t
Brand New - Daisy
Mum - Sing along to songs you don't know
Amy Millan - Masters of burial

Most anticipated albums of 2010:
Phantogram - Eyelid Movies - February 16th
The Album leaf - A Chorus of Story tellers - February 2nd
Menomena - Unconfirmed details..but I know they were working on it
Jonsi (of sigur ros) solo album - March 23rd
Midlake - Feb 2nd
Efterklang - Magic Chairs - Feb 23rd
The Velvet teen - (I think they're in the studio...)
Amiina (I think they are recording too...)
Hammock (Also recording..I think this may come out in march as well)
Radical Face

Wish list:
Son Lux (pretty please...with sugar on top)
Sigur Ros (I thought I remembered reading about them recording for this...)
Bright Eyes (the final album...rumored to be in the fall?)
Battles (????)
Forget Cassettes (plz come back)

See you in 2010!

Isolation Chamber 12.21

Song - Artist
Daylight (Troublemaker Remix) - Matt and Kim

Escape (Dirty Noise Edit) - Toxic Avenger
Killer Deffos - Le Batman
Kilometer 1001010101001 Remix - Sebastien Tellier
Murderer (Diplo & Jayou Remix) - The Partysquad
Mad Scientist - CoDeC
Strobe (Plump DJs Remix) - Deadmau5

Crysteena (12" Version) - Mille
"Cheap Thrills" Herve"
Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger (Sticky K Remix) - Deft Punk
Focker (Boys Noize Terror Remix) - Late Of The Pier

Voyager (Revolte Remix) - Daft Punk
Cross The Dancefloor (Lifelike Remix) - Treasure Fingers
Leave the Light On (The Twelves Remix) - Cobra Dukes
Fancy Footwork (GT Remix) - Chromeo

Flashback (Dem Slackers Remix) - Calvin Harris
Bucky Done Gun (James Delay Remix) - MIA
Funky Spaceship - TiTAN
Knights Of Cydonie (The Integrals Remix) - Muse

Tides (Supercycle Space Remix) - This Morning Call
Nobody Gets Out Alive! Le Castle Vanie
Fixe Up Look Sharp vs Genesis - Dizzee Rascal v. Justice
Electro Sixteen - Benny Benassi

Fireflies (Etubbs & Trillbass remix) - Owl City
Xtal - Aphex Twin

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Weird Noises 12/16/09

Lou Reed - Metal Machine Music (Parts 3 and 4)
Zeitkratzer - Metal Machine Music (Part 3)
Akira Rabelais - Wycliff Gen ii.
Royal Trux - Lightning Boxer
Insect Posse - Heidegger Glee Club Frenzy
Tim Hecker - I'm Transmitting Tonight
George Crumb - Black Angels (performed by Kronos Quartet)
Badgerlore - Grow your hair
Phill Niblock - Second Two Octaves and a Fifth (performed by Joseph Celli)

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Darling Tuesday: Stumbling Through the 21st Century In Search of Electronic Music

Darling Tuesday is taking over the airwaves for a full 8 hours of electronic music!

Listen: 91.5 FM or online at wrpi.org/listen

Today's show was going to be called 'A history of electronic music', but the new title fits much better to what you'll be hearing.

Artist - Track

1960s - 1979
Pauline Oliveros - No Mo
John Cage - 4'33" No. 2 (0'00)
Wendy Carlos - Brandenburg Concerto, No. 3 in G major, BWV 1048: 1, Allegro
Wendy Carlos - Air on a G String from Orchestral Suite No. 3, BWV 1068
The Beatles - Revolution 9
Pink Floyd - Any Color You Like / Brain Damage
Tangerine Dream - Phaedra (from the 2005 remake of Phaedra)
Kraftwerk - Radioactivity
Jean Michel Jarre - Oxygène (Part IV)

David Bowie - Sound and Vision
Joy Division - Love will Tear Us Apart
Depeche Mode - Just Can't Get Enough
Afrika Bambaataa - Looking for the Perfect Beat / Planet Rock
New Order - Blue Monday
David Bowie - Let's Dance
Eurythmics - Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)
Spandau Ballet - True
a-ha - Take on Me
Harold Faltermeyer - Axel F
New Order - Bizarre Love Triangle
Falco - Rock Me Amadeus
Depeche Mode - Personal Jesus

Kraftwerk - Computer Love (from 1991's The Mix)
Art of Noise - Art of Love
Brian Eno & John Cale - Been There, Done That
Aphex Twin - from Selected Ambient Works 85-92, Xtal
Haddaway - What Is Love
Autechre - Basscadet
DJ Shadow - Midnight in a Perfect World
Aphex Twin - Girl/Boy Song
The Moog Cookbook - Black Hole Sun
Radiohead - Karma Police
The Crystal Method - Busy Child
Massive Attack - Dissolved Girl
Missy Elliott - The Rain (Supa Dupy Fly) (Lumbajak Drum-N-Bass Mix)
Paul van Dyk - For An Angel

Radiohead - Idioteque
Daft Punk - Aerodynamic
Basement Jaxx - Where's Your Head At
RJD2 - Final Frontier (feat. Blueprint)
Dirty Vegas - Days Go By
Ladytron - Seventeen
Royksopp - Remind Me
Annie - Heartbeat
The Postal Service - Such Great Heights
Prefuse 73 - Uprock and Invigorate
Dizzee Rascal - Fix Up, Look Sharp
Massive Attack - One Thought At A Time
Digitalism - Idealistic
Philip Glass - Thin Blue Line (Dietrich Schoenemann remix)
Justice - Waters of Nazareth
Grizzly Bear - Merge (Dntel remix)
Vitlalic - My Friend Dario
Battles - Atlas
Justice - D.A.N.C.E
Radiohead - Reckoner
LCD Soundsystem - All My Friends
Daft Punk - One More Time / Aerodynamic
Kid Cudi - Day 'N' Night (Crookers Remix)
Jean Michel Jarre - Téo & Téa
Hot Chip - Shake a Fist
Late of the Pier - Heartbeat
Whitest Boy Alive - Golden Cage (Fred Falke Remix)
The Crystal Method - Busy Child (Paul Oakenfold Remix)
Hercules and Love Affair - Blind
Depeche Mode - Wrong
School of Seven Bells - Half Asleep
Four Tet - Ribbons
Bassnectar - Cozza Frenzy
Air - Do the Joy

Monday, December 14, 2009

Plan B, 12/14/09

Coming off of a one-week hiatus due to extraordinary amounts of project work (the end of the semester is a lovely time, isn't it?), I'm back this week with what I'm going to loosely call my Best of Fall 2009. A lot of this stuff only came to my attention this semester and may or may not have been out for a while, but I first played it this semester, so whatever. I'm going to assume you don't have a problem with that.

This is presented in no particular order other than what I think sounds good together.

If you'd like to see what my top personal albums of the last whatever were, checking out my Last.fm profile is a good way to go. You can find that right here.

Thanks for being such a great group of listeners this semester, and I hope you keep tuning in through the winter and next semester! (I'm not going anywhere, whether you like it or not...)

-- Pete

Track - Artist (Album)

The Colors Aren't You or Me - Letting Up Despite Great Faults (s/t)
Hookie - Back Ted N-Ted (Hookie - Single)
Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up) - Florence + The Machine (Lungs)
Repeaterbeater - Mew (No More Stories...)
November - Rubblebucket (s/t)
Shoes Watch - An Horse (Rearrange Beds)
Radio Milk How Can You Stand It - White Denim (Fits)
Worm Mountain - The Flaming Lips feat. MGMT (Embryonic)
We Are Water - Health (Get Color)
Clover - Ramona Falls (Intuit)
Tidal - Imogen Heap (Ellipse)
Florida Logic - Cougar (Patriot)
In The Branches - The Builders and The Butchers (Salvation Is a Deep Dark Well)
The Octopus - The Fear And Trembling (Octopus)
Fields - Via Tania (Moon Sweet Moon)
Norwalk, Iowa - We Are The Willows (A Collection of Sounds and Something Like The Plague)
Telephones - Headlights (Wildlife)
Beleriand - The Middle East (s/t)
Hollow Talk - Choir Of Young Believers (This Is For The White In Your Eyes)
Spain - Mr. Gnome (Heave Yer Skeleton)
Paper Hands - The Nocturnes (A Year of Spring)
Malko - Russian Circles (Geneva)
Blind - Silver Starling (s/t)
Mouthful Of Diamonds - Phantogram (s/t EP)

Isolation Chamber 12.14

Song - Artist
Nott - Boys Noize

Signatune (Spiller Remix) - DJ Mehdi
Make Me Dance feat Reese (J. Rabbit Remix) - B. Rich
Die Velore Seun (Mix n Blend's Dubstep mix) - Gazelle
Mars Frau (Tss. Mash Up) - Fake Blood vs. I-Robots
Superfuture (Kid Cola Remix) - Hidden Cat

My Feeling For You - Sebastien Drums & Avicii
Now You See It (Benny Benassi Remix) - Honorebel & Pitbull
Ojos Que No Ven (dino Roc Remix) - Alexis y Fido
49 Percent (Steve Angello & Sebastian Ingrosso Remix) - Royksopp

Air War (Joe And Will Ask? Remix) - Crystal Castles
Thelonius (King Voodoo) - The Bloody Beetroots
Digital Love (Algeronics Remix) - Daft Punk
3 Little Words (A1 Bassline Remix) - Frankmusik
Purple Cactus - Nobody Beats The Drum

Radiates (Joker Remix) - Primary 1 & Riton
The Cricket Scores (Original Mix) - Boy 8-Bit
Peach (NiteShade's Beat Breaker Edit) - Louis la Roche

Nobody Gets Out Alive! - Le Castle Vania
Paris Four Hundred (Etienne De Crecy Remix) - Mylo
We Are The Romans (Rough Mix) - Monsiuer Adi
Xtal - Aphex Twin

Expect me back in late January

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Weird Noises 12/09/09

Keith Rowe & Sachicko M - Oval
Gordon Mumma - Meanwhile, A Twopiece (performed by Robert Ashley and Gordon Mumma)
David Behrman - Track (performed by the ONCE chamber ensemble)
Robert Ashley - Sonata
Live performance by Doug Van Nort
Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O. - The Tales of Solar Sail

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Ambient Signal - 12/8/09

WRPI 91.5fm!
http://www.wrpi.org/ for webcast
Tuesdays 4-6pm

I will not be here next week due to academic requirements, but enjoy a last extended show from Darling Tuesday!

Wolf Parade - Language City
Efterklang - Modern Drift
Jonsi - Boy Lilikoi
Sigur Ros - Med sud i eyrum
Stuntrock - Four thousand and one desperate attempts to keep a relationship interesting
Stars - What the snowman learned about love
Ernest Gonzalez - Self awakening (Faunts Remix)
Olafur Arnalds - Lost Song
Animal Collective - Graze
Lymbyc Systym - Shutter Release
Mr. Gnome - Plastic Shadow
Holopaw - Art teacher and the little stallion
Lee Field - Could have been
Real estate - Beach Comber
Yeasayer - Ambling Alp
Lightning bolt - Sound guardians
White Fang - Duh
We are the willows - A Collection of sounds
Fairmont - From high above the city
Amiina - Asinn
The Album Leaf - MP
Bon Iver - Skinny Love
Cortney Tidwell - Oslo
Land of talk - Some are lakes
The Velvet Teen - Spin the wink
Fanfarlo - I'm a pilot

Darling Tuesday - 12/8/2009

Hi there!

Special guest on today's Darling Tuesday is Rob, better known as DJ Thwump from The Isolation Chamber. Be sure to tune in for that at 7am on Mondays. You can get his playlists here as well!

Next week will be the last installment of Darling Tuesday. I've got something really special planned, so don't miss it.. It will be glorious!

The Playlist:

Air - Redhead Girl / Night Sight

Air - Do The Joy
Bjork ft. Thom Yorke - I've Seen It All
Man & Man - Homerun (Dabo 'on the beach' remix)
Royksopp - Happy Up Here

ADULT - Shake Your Head
Arnaud Rebotini - Un Cheval d'Orgueil
Charles Afton - Prelude to a Groove
Felix Da Housecat - We All Wanna Be Prince

Cut Copy - Out There On The Ice

Infected Mushroom - Saeed
DJ Mehdi - Signature (Spiller Remix)
Justice - We Are Your Friends (Reprise) [from A Cross The Universe]
Daft Punk - Television Rules The Nation / Crescendolls
Daft Punk - One More Time / Aerodynamic

Scooter - See Your Smile
Daft Punk - Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger
16-bit Lolitas & Ohmna - Take It Or Leave It

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Weird Noises 12/02/09

Extra Life - Blackmail Blues
Tape - Illuminations
George Cacioppo - Advance of the Fungi
Steinbruchel - These 2
Lou Reed - Metal Machine Music (parts 1 and 2)
Zeitkratzer - Metal Machine Music (parts 1 and 2)
Extra Life - Bled White

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Ambient Signal - 12/1/09

WRPI 91.5fm!
http://www.wrpi.org/ for webcast
Tuesdays 4-6pm

So weird to take a week off...it almost snowed today..just a bit..
Guess I should make a top 10 of the year/decade pretty soon?

Falcon - The Sandfighter
Forget Cassettes - Salt and Syncope
The Soft Pack - Answer to yourself
Camera Obscura - The Blizzard
Memphis - I dreamed we fell apart
Olafur Arnalds - Raein
Tacks, the boy disaster - Paris
Sunset Rubdown - Shut up I am dreaming of places where lovers have wings
Animal Collective - What would I want? Sky
Lymbyc Systym - Interiors
Computer perfection - Able archer
Mr. Gnome - Slow side
Family of the year - feel good track of rosemead
Lightning bolt - Transmissionary
Real estate - Snow day
Holopaw - Pal-o-mine
Fairmont - I am the mountain
We are the willows - Windows
Alias - I heart drum machines
The swords project - City life
My Brightest diamond - Inside a boy (son lux remix)
Four tet - My angel rocks back and forth
Ernest gonzalez - Self awakening
Sin fang bous - Clangour and flutes
Bright eyes - I'll be your friend

Darling Tuesday - 12/1/2009

Finally back after a brief hiatus of 2 weeks...

Today's Playlist:
port-royal - hva (failed revolutions)
Air - Do The Joy
Imogen Heap - First Train Home
Massive Attack - Splitting The Atom
Boozoo Bajou - Flickers

Boys Noize - Kontact Me
zero one - Glitch
Pitch Black - Rude Mechanicals
22-20's - Devil In Me
Sia - Breathe Me (Four Tet Remix)

Vitalic - Poison Lips
Depeche Mode - I Feel Loved (Thomas Brinkmann Mix)
Client - Price of Love
Arnaud Rebotini - The Swamp Waltz

Bassnectar - Boombox
Major Lazer - I'll Make Ya
M.I.A. - Paper Planes (DFA Remix)
Simian Mobile Disco - I Believe

Chromeo - Night By Night

Monday, November 30, 2009

Plan B, 11/30/09

Two posts in a row? Alright. I guess it's been a slow week.

Well, for our DJs, and anybody else affected by the slow onset of tryptophan, for that matter. However, for our music department, not so much. We have a whole ton of awesome stuff this week, leading me to feature four (four!) different albums this week.

First up, we have White Denim's Fits. It's a touch bipolar, but that just makes it more awesome. I'll personally be spinning this one for a while. Next is Lymbyc Systym (yes) with Shutter Release. Really, really awesome electronic post-rocky stuff. Also on deck is Holopaw's Oh, Glory. Oh, Wilderness. (enthusiastic, isn't it?) which is some pretty solidly composed indie rock, and finally we have Bellflur's Asleep Asleep EP. I'd suggest checking any and all of these out.

Now on to the playlist for this week. Thanks for checking my show out!

-- Pete

As always, Track - Artist (Album):

Family Galaxy - Tim Exile (Listening Tree)
Radio Milk How Can You Stand it - White Denim (Fits)
Last Quarter of the 20th Century Blues - Bellflur (Asleep Asleep EP)
The Art Teacher and the Little Stallion - Holopaw (Oh, Glory. Oh, Wilderness.)
Raining Patter - CFCF (Continent)
Pool Swimmers - Real Estate (s/t)
Landing - Rubblebucket (s/t)
I Start To Run - White Denim (Fits)
Hookie - Back Ted N-Ted (single)
Vampires - Mr. Gnome (Heave Yer Skeleton)
Trichromatic - Lymbyc Systym (Shutter Release)
Gray Sparkle Finnish Pigs - Bellflur (Asleep Asleep EP)
The Lazy Matador - Holopaw (Oh, Glory. Oh, Wilderness.)
Home - Via Tania (Moon Sweet Moon)
Sol Solis - Moving Mountains (Pneuma)
The Windows - We Are The Willows (A Collection of Sounds and Something Like The Plague)
Paint Yourself - White Denim (Fits)
Kubrick - Lymbyc Systym (Shutter Release)
Snow Days - Real Estate (s/t)
The Last Transmission (Honeybee) - Holopaw (Oh, Glory. Oh, Wilderness.)
Ghost Clock - Lymbyc Systym (Shutter Release)
Shooting An Elephant - Bellflur (Asleep Asleep EP)
This Is How The West Was Won - We Are The Willows (A Collection of Sounds and Something Like The Plague)
Become Forest - Via Tania (Moon Sweet Moon)
Timorous Me - Ted Leo and The Pharmacists (The Tyranny of Distance)

Isolation Chamber 11.30

Song - Artist
Red Dawn Rising - Birdy Nam Nam
A Life Worth Living (Jakwob Remix) - Alan Pownall
Motorcycle (Wet Clutch Short Edit) - Alex Gopher
Say Whoah - A-Trak
Stay The Same (Edit) - Autokratz
I Wish I Was A Polar Bear (Arctic Urgency Edit) - Ted & Francis
Gravity's Rainbow (Van She Remix) - Klaxons
In The Way Of Control (Soulwax Nite Version) - Gossip
Elvi$ - Felix Da Housecat
Let There Be Light - Justice
Let's Buy Happiness - Boys Noize
Going Nowhere (SebastiAn Remix) - Cut Copy
One More Time (The House Moguls 2007 Remix) - Daft Punk
Twisted vs. Technologic - DJ Dan & Mike Balance vs. Workidz & Daft Punk
Hanukkah - Etienne De Crecy et Monsieur Jo
Banquet (Boys Noize Vox Mix) - Bloc Party
Take Me Out (Adam1Time's B-More Remix) - Franz Ferdinand
Hell Hawk - Joe & Will Ask?
Zdarlight - Digitalism
Blood Theme - datA
Paris Four Hundred (SebastiAn Remix) - Mylo
My Love Sees You - Beni
Want U - Lo-Fi-Fnk
Mindfields - The Prodigy

Monday, November 23, 2009

Plan B, 11/23/09

Back once again, because luckily for you (*cough*) my show is one of the few that's not blacked out due to turkey this week. Focus albums are Heave Yer Skeleton by Mr. Gnome (from what I've checked out so far, this is really damn good) and Moon Sweet Moon by Via Tania. Honorable mention goes to The Martyrdom of a Catastrophist by Junius, yet another artist from the Mylene Sheath repertoire.

And once more, in case you're interested in seeing what I'm listening to outside of these two hours, or what's cycling through my headphones the most this week, you can check out my last.fm page here: http://www.last.fm/user/pwcasellini

As always, thanks for listening!

-- Pete

Track - Artist (Album):

  • Arrow - Tegan & Sara (Sainthood)
  • Fields - Via Tania (Moon Sweet Moon)
  • Sit Up and Hum - Mr. Gnome (Heave Yer Skeleton)
  • Clover - Ramona Falls (Intuit)
  • Beleriand - The Middle East (s/t)
  • Birth Rites by Torchlight - Junius (The Martyrdom of a Catastrophist)
  • A Funeral Dressed As a Birthday - We Are The Willows (A Collection of Sounds and Something Like The Plague)
  • Slow Side - Mr. Gnome (Heave Yer Skeleton)
  • The Pharmacist v. The Secret Stars (Version: To Decline) - Ted Leo and The Pharmacists (Tej Leo(?), Rx / Pharmacists)
  • Dangerously - Via Tania (Moon Sweet Moon)
  • Televators - The Mars Volta (Deloused in the Comatorium)
  • Pelourinho - Cougar (Patriot)
  • Introducing Palace Players - Mew (No More Stories...)
  • Spain - Mr. Gnome (Heave Yer Skeleton)
  • Always Right - Ramona Falls (Intuit)
  • Blind - Silver Starling (s/t)
  • Wonder Stranger - Via Tania (Moon Sweet Moon)
  • The Antediluvian Fire - Junius (The Martyrdom of a Catastrophist)
  • Forest - Kaddisfly (Set Sail The Prairie)
  • Bulk Eye - Don Caballero (Punkgasm)
  • Paper Hands - The Nocturnes (A Year of Spring)
  • Geneva - Russian Circles (Geneva)
  • Blessings Be Yours Mister V - The Sound of Animals Fighting (The Ocean and The Sun)

Isolation Chamber 11.23

Song - Artist
Change Channel - Lo-Fi-Fnk
Love Your Enemy (Kill Your Friend) - Birdy Nam Nam
Oh! - Boys Noize
Sweet light - Boys Noize
D.A.N.C.E. - Justice
Heads Will Roll (A-Trak Remix) - Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Shine Shine (Apparat Remix) - Boys Noize
One More Time (The House Moguls 2007 Remix) - Daft Punk
Air War (Joe And Will Ask? Remix) - Crystal Castles
The Brainwasher - Daft Punk
Twisted vs Technologic (DJ Dan & Mike Balance mashup) - DJ Dan & Mike Balance vs Workidz & Daft Punk
I Don't Know The Half Of How The Hell To Keep - Hot Chip
Trance Doll - Picture Plane
Take Me Out (Adam1Time's B-More Remix) - Franz Ferdinand
Ground Zero - We Are Terrorists
1985 - Rival Consoles
You Can't Go Home Again (LP)
Love Deep Inside (DJs from Mars Club Remix) - Rico Bernasconi
1314 - Arnaud Rebotini
Bremen Cowboy - GusGus
Claymore - Joe & Will Ask?
Electorate - Rival Consoles
Don't Go Home Tonight - Andy Caldwell
Xtal - Aphex Twin

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Weird Noises 11/18/09

Einstürzende Neubauten - Die Genaue Zeit
Kai Fagashinski & Burkhardt Stangl - Last Night I Had Visions
Latin American Deaf Squad - Good, Occasionally Poor
Christopher McFall - all parts contained
Disband - Sad
Einstürzende Neubauten - Vanadium I-Ching
The Hafler Trio - A Thirsty Fish
Olivier Messiaen - Harawi (performed by Rachel Yakar and Yvonne Loriod)

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Ambient Signal - 11/17/09

WRPI 91.5fm!
http://www.wrpi.org/ for webcast
Tuesdays 4-6pm

Woooo...might not be back next week because I'll be seeing camera obscura in northhampton

Bon Iver - Babys
Anathallo - Cafetorium
Department of eagles - No one does it like you
Phantogram - Voices
Ester Drang - Grave mistake
Here We Go Magic - Tunnelvision
Mew - Comforting Sounds
Clare and the reasons - You got time
We are willows - A collection of sounds
Sufjan Stevens - Movement I the countenance of kings
Real estate - Suburban Dogs
Lightning bolt - Flooded chamber
Themselves - BackIIBurn
Willowz - Break your back
Half handed cloud - Always running away
Fairmont - I am the mountain
Lymbyc Systym - Trichromatic
Sharon jones - I'm not going to cry
Inara George - Surprise
Thao with the get down stay down - know better, learn faster
Sigur Ros - Ba Ba
Mirah - Country of the future
Feist - When I was a young girl
My milky way arms - Soft alarm
The most serene republic - The Old Forever new things
The postal service - We will become silhouettes

Plan B, 11/16/09

Better late than never? I guess?

Anywho, the flood of new stuff is starting to slow to a trickle, but somehow there are even more gems in the stuff that keeps coming through. If you're a fan of the recent Caspian/Russian Circles amped-up post-rock, the new Constants LP is pretty much a continuation of the formula, and I know I'm going to have this on repeat for the rest of the week. On the other end of the spectrum, the new LP from We Are The Willows is some excellent folksy indie, so if you've been feeling the new stuff from The Middle East I've been spinning over the last few weeks, this one should be right up your alley.

Here are the goods this week:

[Track - Artist (Album)]

Genetics Like Chess Pieces - Constants (The Foundation/The Machine/The Ascension)
You Are Not What You Think You Are - Codes In The Clouds (Paper Canyon)
Matawan - Akimbo (Jersey Shores)
Paper Hands - The Nocturnes (A Year of Spring)
Norwalk, Iowa - We Are The Willows (A Collection of Sounds and Something Like The Plague)
Bear >>> Thirteen - The Antlers (Hospice)
Comforting Sounds - Mew (Frengers)
Everything Up (Zizou) - Zero 7 (Yeah Ghost)
Monoliths >>> Thieves - Maserati (Passages)
Malko - Russian Circles (Geneva)
Ghosts of the Garden City - Caspian (Tertia)
The Timeless - Constants (The Foundation/The Machine/The Ascension)
You and Eye - Headlights (Wildlife)
A Collection of Sounds - We Are The Willows (A Collection of Sounds and Something Like The Plague)
Photograph Shakes - Letting Up Despite Great Faults (s/t)
Mouthful of Diamonds - Phantogram (s/t)
Mr. McGee - Zero 7 (Yeah Ghost)
The Darkest Side - The Middle East (s/t)
All Gospel Radio >>> Psalms 100 - Brian Blade (Mama Rosa)

Monday, November 16, 2009

Isolation Chamber 11.16

Song - Artist
Waters of Nazareth - Justice
Freddy Krueger Slasher Mashup - Paul Gala
Ground Zero - We Are Terrorists
Firestarter (Edit) - The Prodigy
Heads Will Roll (A-Trak Remix) - Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Ce Jeu (The Twelves Remix) - Yelle
Crazy Train (Dor Com remix) - Ozzy Osbourne
Boys & Girls (Les Petits Pilous remix) - Martin Solveig + Dragonette
Knights Of Cydonia (Main Mix) - Feed Me Vs Muse
Hang Me Out To Dry (Hostage Remix) - Cold War Kids
Ape-X - Adam Sky
Mongozo! - Joe & Will Ask?
Popper (Shinichi Osawa Distortion Disco Edit) - Chirsopher & Raphael Just
Morphosis - datA
Phantom - Justice
Phantom, Part 2 - Justice
Trans Boulogne Express - Birdy Nam Nam
Kontact me - Boys Noizew
Breathe - The Prodigy
Alice Practice - Crystal Castles
Jupiter Room (Martian Assault Edit) - Digitalism
Emerge (Junkie XL Remix) - Fischerspooner
Achète mes Disques - We Are Terrorists
Xtal - Aphex Twin

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Sound of Music 11/11/09

Here's last night's playlist!

Dreaming – Blondie – SLC Punk

Chip on my Shoulder – Legally Blonde: The Musical

Can’t Say No – Oklahoma

Many a New Day - Oklahoma

December 1963 – Jersey Boys

Keen on Boys – The Radio Dept. – Mare Antoinette

Maria – West Side Story

America – West Side Story

If I Can’t Love Her – Beauty and the Beast

The Children’s Hour – Batman Returns

16 Going on 17 – Sound of Music

My Favorite Things – Sound of Music

Silence of the Lambs – Silence! The Musical

It’s Me! – Silence! The Musical

I’ve Gotta Crow – Peter Pan

Never Never Land – Peter Pan

Every Story is a Love Story ~ Aida
Fortune Favors the Brave ~ Aida
Not the Boy Next Door ~ The Boy From Oz

I'm Alive ~ Next to Normal
Without You ~ Rent
Opening/You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown ~ You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown

I Could Have Danced All Night ~ My Fair Lady
That's How You Know ~ Enchanted
Astonishing ~ Little Women

Farewell, Good Angel ~ Jane Eyre
Empty Chairs At Empty Tables ~ Les Miserables
Sailor Moon Theme

I'll put up the previous week's extended Disney playlist as soon as I find it o_0