Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Ambient Signal 12/5/07- Maybe last show of the year/semester edition?

WRPI 91.5fm! for webcast

Might be last show of semester/ im playing songs that will maybe be in my top top 10 will probably be up this weekend after classes and work end..

DNTEL- The Distance
Mum- Marmalade fires
Bend like Branches- Purling
Radiohead- Reckoner
Battles- Tij
Arcade fire- Black wave/ bad vibrations
Feist- Sea lion woman
Radical face- Welcome home
Le Loup- We are gods! we are wolves!
Animal Collective- Fireworks
Why?- By torpedo or crohns (dntel remix)
Cars and trains- Painting over it did no good/solitary bird
Terrordactyls- Devices
Main Drag- A jagged gorgeous winter
Psapp- Sad Song
Chairs in the Arno- Input delay
Memphis- I dreamed we fell apart
Georgie James- More lights
Art in Manila- Time gets us all
Gregory alan isakov- The Stable song
Bright Eyes- Lime tree
Amina- Sexfaldur

pinkie swear

artist - song
caribou - medium sized working dog (steady steady)
cassius - hi water
casiotone for the painfully alone - a near suburban lifestyle is a near impossibilty once you've fallen in love iwth an international spy
modest mouse - so much beauty in dirt
funckarma - run return - animals are beautiful people
a silver mt. zion memorial orchestra - movie (never made)
moby & oscar the punk - god bless the child
ernest gonzales - marching across grey earth
daedelus - like clockwork springs
ckid - ghost4
harry belafonte - matilda matilda
I, Colossus - it's not funny
cars and trains - the wires from my broken record player
architechture in helsinki - souvenirs
amelie soundtrack - comptine d'un autre ete
georgie james - cake parade
chairs in the arno - i never loved you anyway
denali - everybody knows
ms. john soda - scan the waves
lali puna - small things
psapp - tricycle
the blow - parentheses
explosions in the sky - first breath after coma
jose gonzales - how low
caribou - sunsesame
bitcrush - what would hope be without disappointment


Gold Sounds: 2007 Edition

These songs are all on albums released in 2007 (new songs in orange, requests in green). Look for top ten lists from some of us soon! I will give you (hopefully accurate) hints:

Songs by artists from albums that might be in my top ten in red
Songs by artists from albums that might be in Emelie's top ten in pink
Songs by artists from albums that might be in Blar's top ten in blue

In the background: Dntel "Dumb Luck"

Menomena "Rotten Hell"
Of Montreal "Suffer for Fashion"
The Shins "Australia"

Arcade Fire "Keep the Car Running"
LCD Soundsystem "Someone Great"
Modest Mouse "Missed the Boat"

Fourth of July "In Debt"
St. Vincent "The Apocalypse Song"
Okkervil River "Our Life Is Not a Movie Or Maybe"

Spoon "Don't Make Me a Target"
Bomb the Music Industry! "493 Ruth" (I'll say it again, go to to download this song, this album (Get Warmer) and all their other albums. For free! Yessss.)
Coheed and Cambria "Feathers"

Los Campesinos! "Frontwards"
Justice "Phantom pt. II"
Para One "Turtle Trouble"

Iron and Wine "The Devil Never Sleeps"
Fourth of July "Be Careful"
Sondre Lerche "To Be Surprised"

We Versus the Shark "I Am a Fantastic Battle"
Beirut "Cherbourg"
Sgt Dunbar and the Hobo Banned "The Weight"
Minus the Bear "This Ain't a Surfin' Movie (IQU 06 Mix)"

Broken Social Scene Presents: Kevin Drew "Aging Faces/Losing Places"
Fourth of July "The Faint"
Battles "Atlas"

I immediately regret using all these colors. The show today was lots of fun, thanks for calling in and listening! See you next week for my last show for awhile (sad)!