Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Ambient Signal 11/7 The cool songs playlist

WRPI 91.5fm! for webcast

Yeaah..lots of good new songs this week

The Velvet Teen- The Raining Curtains

Four Tet- As Serious as your life

Radiohead- Nude

Swan lake- All Fire (fav song of the week)

Neva Dinova- Dances fantastic

Khoiba- No Feedback

Gustav mahler- Symphony 1, Movement III

Rachel's - Water from the same source

Octopus project- Exploding Snowhorse

Sunset Rubdown- Magic and Midas

Bowerbirds- In our talons

Emily Jane White- Hole in the middle

DRI- Meet me out

Most Serene Republic- present of future end

DNTEL- The Distance (Metronomy remix)

Last Days- The Whole town is against us

Mum- Dancing behind my eyeballs

Psapp- Needle and thread

The Album Leaf- Malmo

Ghost Orchid- Ana Mir

Damiak- Tenuous Gears

Sigur Ros- Flugufrelsarinn

Efterklang- Cutting Ice To Snow


pinkie swear

extra long show today! 2:40-6pm

artist - song

clare and the reasons - pluto
ernest gonzales - reminise
take - overture + black space&tangerine
san serac - fairlight
joy division - these days
bitcrush - what would hope be without disappointment
near the parenthesis - into the green
lights out asia - psiu! puxa!
REM - everybody hurts
georgie james - need your needs
the honorary title - the city's summer
VHS or BETA - euglama
jose gonzales - down the line
VHS or BETA - can't believe a single word *PLAYING REV HALL 12/15/07*
beirut - nantes
muscles - ice cream
los campesinos - we throw parties, you throw knives
para one - dudun-dun *VERY MUCH LIKE JUSTICE*
zero one - glitch
malibu - please don't go
65daysofstatic - 65 doesn't understand you
elliot smith - let's get lost
swayzak - smile and recieve
billie holiday - trav'lin all alone
air - j'ai dormi sous l'eau
bright eyes -
casiotone for the painfully alone -
christian keifer/jeff pitcher - to all dead sailors
ckid - ghost4
the dead science - ossuary
cloud cult - the deaf girls song
appleseed cast - february
death cab for cutie - someday you will be loved
david gray - white ladder
dntel feat. conor oberst - breakfast in bed
explosions in the sky - your hand in mine
denali - everybody knows
idiot pilot - to buy a gun (her space holiday remix)
ladytron - beauty*2
lali puna - small things
mates of state - middle is gold
rufus wainwright - pretty things
psapp - this way
misha - delovedly
ms. john soda - a million times
portishead - glory box

-Emelie (6229)

Gold Sounds 11/7/07: Long Songs edition

So I've decided to only play songs that are longer than 6 minutes today. As a result, there is not as much new stuff (sorry Blar!), but hopefully that will not take away from the listening experience. The new songs I did play are in orange, and all songs are followed by their length.

Los Campesinos! "You! Me! Dancing!" 6:13
The Smiths "How Soon Is Now?" 6:43

The Decemberists "The Bagman's Gambit" 7:02
Red House Painters "Have You Forgotten" 6:13

Sigur Rós "Starálfur" 6:46
Radiohead "Paranoid Android" 6:23

Television "Marquee Moon" 9:58

Broken Social Scene Presents Kevin Drew "Lucky Ones" 6:44
LCD Soundsystem "All My Friends" 7:37

Weezer "Only in Dreams" 8:00
Sonic Youth "Teen Age Riot" 6:59

Hum "Isle of the Cheetah" 6:37
Animal Collective "Fireworks" 6:50

Pavement "Fillmore Jive" 6:38
The Beatles "I Want You (She's So Heavy)" 7:49

Do Make Say Think "Outer Inner & Secret" 10:13
American Football "Honestly?" 6:10

Neutral Milk Hotel "Oh, Comely" 8:10
Bright Eyes "No Lies, Just Love" 5:58 OH NO CONCEPT BREAKER

Now Emelie is here.

Thank you to everyone who called in and just listened in general. This show was a lot of fun! I'm thinking about doing a 'short songs only' show next week (as in songs less than 2 minutes long), so good suggestions are welcome (I know there are more short songs than long songs, but still).

Monday, November 05, 2007

radio #1

  1. cardigans - junk of the hearts
  2. portishead - only you (live)
  3. le loup - (storm)
  4. le loup - look to the west
  5. the cars are the stars - i run, i swim
  6. air - je dormi sous l'eau
  7. the matinee orchestra - i'll never be afraid again
  8. anja garbarek - big mouth
  9. shugo takumaru - typewriter
  10. daedelus - elegy (at last)
  11. daedelus - just briefly
  12. daedelus - greatly exaggerated...
  13. daedelus - going uneasy
  14. cornelius - breezin'
  15. cansei de ser sexy - this month, day 10
  16. fpu - crocket's theme
  17. miss kittin/the hacker - 1982
  18. auntie pus - marmelade freak *pictured below*
  19. art failure - in vogue
  20. cornelius - toner
  21. esquivel - mucha muchacha
  22. xiu xiu - i love the valley oh
  23. le loup - we are gods! we are wolves!
  24. manu chao - luna y sol
  25. bring back the guns - the art of malnutrition
  26. 65 days of static - thrash waltz
  27. shugo takumaru - paparazzi
  28. letters letters - want to
  29. a guy called gerald - survival
  30. a guy called gerald - cybergen