Friday, October 20, 2006

The Progressive Sounds of the Garak Shack 10.20.06

First post. The Garak Shack is the name of the show, but I've got a proposition for the readers: Help me rename my show, since I am dreadfully ashamed that I named it after a Deep Space Nine character. So comment, e-mail me, whatever and maybe earn bragging rights that you convinced some guy you don't know to change the name of his radio show.

Current Contenders:
Delta F
Pomp and Pride

Now the playlist! New music indicated when warranted.

01. Beck - Derelict
02. Chin Up, Chin Up - This Harness Can't Ride Anything *NEW
03. Wilco - Far, Far Away
04. Mighty Fairly - Movin' On *NEW
05. Sufjan Stevens - Concerning the UFO Sighting Near Highland, Illinois
06. Echo and the Bunnymen - Never Stop
07. Beat Happening - Knock on Any Door
08. So It Goes - No Guns, No Love *NEW
09. Heaven 17 - The Height of Fighting
10. The Zombies - Care of Cell 44
11. Ada Jane - The Wayside *NEW (Reminded me a bit of mid 80's Elvis Costello)
12. Beulah - Your Mother Loves You Son
13. Jeffery and Jack Lewis - Something Good *NEW (Good punkish stuff)

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Today's post is going up before the show for good measure. It's full of wackiness including some funny interludes between wildly different electronic genres. SO! if you like your porn groove separated from your distorted blastbeat by some southern porch whistling, check it out.

contact during the show:
phone : 518-276-6248
aim : wrpiradio1

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

punk and indie gems

Hey everyone!

My show is Punk and Indie Gems, Wednesdays at 1pm to 2pm. I play mostly older indie music, bands which are usually really good except people haven't heard of them. I know my show name sucks, but it's an improvement on my previous show name (Pumping Lemmings). That's a pun on the comp sci term pumping lemma.

Having said that, I have a relatively narrow taste, but across lots of genres. So bands I like usually fit into these categories:
- songs change often (as in, drumming is creative, guitars change chords in unexpected ways, etc)
- songs are "jagged" but not necessarily loud
- songs are concise within reason. I still like "The Decline" by NOFX though because it's pretty much 8 songs that flow into each other nicely.
- albums flow nicely. I'm not really a shuffleplay person
- lyrics are a plus, and can make up for something lacking

I'm open to requests and like listening to new music. Chances are if it sounds like Fugazi or Mission of Burma I'm more likely to play it. If it's hardcore, a lack of swearing (for radio purposes) and meaningful lyrics are a plus (ie: Husker Du)

All of my previous playlists are here:
For old shows, that reflects the music I was planning on playing, but all new shows should be music I actually played.

Here's today's show:
* means the band is currently active and maybe touring
r means a request
1*) sonic youth - incinerate
2*) liz isenberg - hello christmas
3*) french toast - pattern
4*) medications - surprise!
5) husker du - broken heart broken home
6) television - the dream's dream
7*) modest mouse - medication
8*) beck - soldier jane
9) jawbreaker - split
10) bad brains - i against i
11*) badly drawn boy - camping next to water
12*r) sonic youth - pink steam
13*) grizzly bear - easier

CMJ Top 30 Week Prior to 10/17/06

So this is pretty much the indie dept.'s top new CDs for last week..comments? Questions? Something really shouldn't be on there? Lets hear it..

CMJ TOP 30 10/10-10/17/06:
2 BECK The Information
3 DOSH The Lost Take
4 ALBUM LEAF Into The Blue Again
5 GRIZZLY BEAR Yellow House
6 BITCRUSH In Distance
7 BT This Binary Universe
8 ELF POWER All The World Is Waiting [EP]
9 MUTE MATH Mute Math
10 KILLSWITCH ENGAGE As Daylight Dies [Sampler]
11 BEACH HOUSE Beach House Carpark
12 SPARKLEHORSE Dreamt For Light Years In The Belly Of A Mountain
14 FOUR TET Remixes
15 EMILY HAINES Knives Don't Have Your Back
16 HONEYCUT The Day I Turned To Glass
17 OUIJA RADIO Oh No...Yes! Yes!
18 HEAVENS Patent Pending
19 AMY MILLAN Honey From The Tombs
20 DEAD SCIENCE Crepuscule
21 FEATHERS Feathers
22 VIVA VOCE Get Yr Blood Sucked Out
23 COMMON MARKET Common Market
24 HOME VIDEO No Certain Night Or Morning
25 CHRISTINE FELLOWS Paper Anniversary
26 ISIS AND AEREOGRAMME In The Fishtank 14
27 OOHLAS Best Stop Pop
29 KASABIAN Empire
30 WET CONFETTI Laughing Gasping

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Ambient Signal Playlist 10/17/06

My show is on 6-8pm on Tuesdays
WRPI 91.5fm!

Lets get to the music shall we..
1. Broken Social Scene- Cranley's Gonna Make it
2. Bright Eyes- Old Soul Song
3. Camera Obscura- If Looks Could Kill
4. Battles- Hi/Lo
5. The Velvet Teen- Gyzmkid
6. Explosions in the Sky- Greet Death
7. Mum- We have a Map of the Piano
8. Function- Beloved, Lost to Begin With
9. Feist- Lonely, Lonely (Frisbee'd Mix)
10. Styrofoam- Drugs or Me
11. Annuals- Complete or completing
12. Decemberists- Yankee Bayonet(I will be home then)
13. Dosh- Um, Circles and Squares
14. The Album Leaf- Wherever I Go
15. Bitcrush- Colder
16. Emily Haines and the Soft Skeletons- The Lottery
17. Stars- The Big Fight
18. Khoiba- T.I.M.E.
19. Denali- Real Heat
20. Azure Ray- 4th of July
21. Sigur Ros- Ny Batteri

Tune in again! Check these other shows out!

hello pretty city, tuesday, october 17, 2006

fresh from the morning,
a playlist from
hello pretty city . . .

the haywards: when you wrung yourself out
yo la tengo: mr. tough
jesus and mary chain: just like honey
ponies in the surf: new century program
joanna newsom: cosmia
the shins: new slang
the softies: just a day
magnolia electric co.: the night shift lullaby
* rose melberg: spin
devendra banhart: hey miss cane
pipas: a cat escaped
* rose melberg: four walls
sebadoh: it's so hard to fall in love
p:ano: it feels alright
vaselines: rory rides me raw
akron/family: i'll be on the water
kelli shay hicks: the lake
beat happening: other side
beirut: gulag orkestar
the blow: parentheses
sister rosetta tharpe: don't take everybody to be your friend
alela diane: the pirate's gospel
the curtains: world's most dangerous woman
edith frost: albany blues
the rosebuds: leaves do fall
the moldy peaches: jorge regula
bill fox: over and away
pop levi: (a style called) crying chic
bobby baby: bye bye snow
portastatic: song for a clock
evan dando: in the grass all wine colored
niobe: give all to love
norfolk and western: atget waltz

rose melberg will perform this thursday,
october 19 at ground zero on the rpi campus.
rose's voice will welcome you even if you
are not familiar with her music.

the rose melberg show is cancelled,
as of october 18.

Radio #1 - October 12, 2006

This is Jamison of Radio #1 on Thursdays from 4-6 pm.
Last week's show was a fun mix of european indie electronic and spastic music from around the world. Highlights included Edith Piaf, The Latch Brothers and Juana Molina (according to the callers).

Listen to my show next week!

mislabeled tracks:
3. Ms. John Soda - Misco
9. Ouija Radio - Devil and the Witch
33. Ouija Radio - Today is Our Last Tomorrow

more stuff here

monsters get slain!! october 16, 2006.

well here's my first playlist of the blogging year.

so my show is mondays, from 10pm-11pm on wrpi.

last night was a mediocre show, compared to the week before. but still has lots of classics. basically because i didn't remember about my show until 8pm, i didn't have much time to prepare. ah well, i had lots of enthusiastic calls.

in other news, all the metal shows at WRPI really have it out for these good quality independent programmes.. so they're making a promotional bit to play to promote their metal presence ever day from 10-12pm. so they mention my show because it's the only non-metal show on during those "metal power hours".. so i get some serious promotional security here! not only will people hear how annoying the metal kids are, they'll hear how amazing i am for breaking up their hopeless little 2 hours. that's my station update. pretty cool right?

as for the show.. i played the new copeland cd. yeah yeah i know, say it, i'm a stupid loser because i like that sad emo crap.. but it's amazing. and i must say, this new cd isn't nearly as intolerable as the rest. i hear a little appleseed influence (i like to think so) because now they have to man up to not being the best band on militia group since appleseed cast joined for their new album, peregrine. they're one of those bands you loved in high school and haven't listened to for years.. now they make a new album.. and you refall in love with them because it makes you feel like you're still in high school. (:

i also played kind of like spitting again. they're seriously one of the best bands i've found in the past year or so.

1. casiotone for the painfully alone- casiotone... in a green cotton sweater
2. kind of like spitting- allison's hands
3. jolie holland- old fashioned morphine
4. the weakerthans- my favorite chords
5. appleseed cast- sunset drama king
6. copeland - where's my head (new album on tmg!!! eat, sleep, repeat)
7. phil ochs- i'm going to say it now
8. paul baribeau- i miss that band
9. paul baribeau- strawberry
10. the numbers- disease
11. craig salt peters- good morning glory
12. defiance, ohio- tanks! tanks! tanks!
13. evan greer- love me i'm a liberal
14. kimya dawson- underground
15. rosa- you can almost hold it in your hand
16. ghost mice and paul baribeau- the good life
17. defiance ohio- this time, this year
18. devendra banhart- at the hop
19. arab on radar- st. patrick's gay parade

ok so now i'm looking at it, and that's not such a bad show. the paul baribeau and craig salt peters got the most phone calls, deservingly.

enough from me! see you next week.