Tuesday, October 17, 2006

hello pretty city, tuesday, october 17, 2006

fresh from the morning,
a playlist from
hello pretty city . . .

the haywards: when you wrung yourself out
yo la tengo: mr. tough
jesus and mary chain: just like honey
ponies in the surf: new century program
joanna newsom: cosmia
the shins: new slang
the softies: just a day
magnolia electric co.: the night shift lullaby
* rose melberg: spin
devendra banhart: hey miss cane
pipas: a cat escaped
* rose melberg: four walls
sebadoh: it's so hard to fall in love
p:ano: it feels alright
vaselines: rory rides me raw
akron/family: i'll be on the water
kelli shay hicks: the lake
beat happening: other side
beirut: gulag orkestar
the blow: parentheses
sister rosetta tharpe: don't take everybody to be your friend
alela diane: the pirate's gospel
the curtains: world's most dangerous woman
edith frost: albany blues
the rosebuds: leaves do fall
the moldy peaches: jorge regula
bill fox: over and away
pop levi: (a style called) crying chic
bobby baby: bye bye snow
portastatic: song for a clock
evan dando: in the grass all wine colored
niobe: give all to love
norfolk and western: atget waltz

rose melberg will perform this thursday,
october 19 at ground zero on the rpi campus.
rose's voice will welcome you even if you
are not familiar with her music.

the rose melberg show is cancelled,
as of october 18.


allisahn said...

so i heard rose melberg cancelled her tour and isn't coming!!

Ambient Slut said...

yeaah booo... apparently its the first show she's cancelled in 15 years...her manager said he'd try to make it up to us when she starts the tour again...its now updated on her myspace as well


sorry guysss