Tuesday, October 17, 2006

monsters get slain!! october 16, 2006.

well here's my first playlist of the blogging year.

so my show is mondays, from 10pm-11pm on wrpi.

last night was a mediocre show, compared to the week before. but still has lots of classics. basically because i didn't remember about my show until 8pm, i didn't have much time to prepare. ah well, i had lots of enthusiastic calls.

in other news, all the metal shows at WRPI really have it out for these good quality independent programmes.. so they're making a promotional bit to play to promote their metal presence ever day from 10-12pm. so they mention my show because it's the only non-metal show on during those "metal power hours".. so i get some serious promotional security here! not only will people hear how annoying the metal kids are, they'll hear how amazing i am for breaking up their hopeless little 2 hours. that's my station update. pretty cool right?

as for the show.. i played the new copeland cd. yeah yeah i know, say it, i'm a stupid loser because i like that sad emo crap.. but it's amazing. and i must say, this new cd isn't nearly as intolerable as the rest. i hear a little appleseed influence (i like to think so) because now they have to man up to not being the best band on militia group since appleseed cast joined for their new album, peregrine. they're one of those bands you loved in high school and haven't listened to for years.. now they make a new album.. and you refall in love with them because it makes you feel like you're still in high school. (:

i also played kind of like spitting again. they're seriously one of the best bands i've found in the past year or so.

1. casiotone for the painfully alone- casiotone... in a green cotton sweater
2. kind of like spitting- allison's hands
3. jolie holland- old fashioned morphine
4. the weakerthans- my favorite chords
5. appleseed cast- sunset drama king
6. copeland - where's my head (new album on tmg!!! eat, sleep, repeat)
7. phil ochs- i'm going to say it now
8. paul baribeau- i miss that band
9. paul baribeau- strawberry
10. the numbers- disease
11. craig salt peters- good morning glory
12. defiance, ohio- tanks! tanks! tanks!
13. evan greer- love me i'm a liberal
14. kimya dawson- underground
15. rosa- you can almost hold it in your hand
16. ghost mice and paul baribeau- the good life
17. defiance ohio- this time, this year
18. devendra banhart- at the hop
19. arab on radar- st. patrick's gay parade

ok so now i'm looking at it, and that's not such a bad show. the paul baribeau and craig salt peters got the most phone calls, deservingly.

enough from me! see you next week.

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