Saturday, February 10, 2007

pinkie swear. = emelie

Hot chip - just like we breakdown
2 bit pie - here i come
uffie - pop the glock
the prodigy - smack my bitch up
daft punk - robot rock
cornershop - brimful of asha (norman cook remix) greatist hits:fatboy slim
plus device - body heat
daedulus - sundown
the blow - true affection
portishead (by request) - only you
gaiser - offprint 1.2 - m_nus Marco Corola - Fabric 31
royksopp (by request) - only this moment - radio mix
mates of state (playing FRIDAY at valentines! - haha
blotnik brothers - in technology we trust
tahito 80 - changes
css - patins
emile simon - dame de lotus
bloc party - banquet
apple jackzzzzz - stay up
softlighted - girlkillsbear
brazilian girls - lazy lover
compilation - 8-bit operators - pocket calculator
hot chip - colors
fennesz - before I leave
xela - a floating procession
mates of state - everyone needs an editor


Thursday, February 08, 2007

monsters get slain february 8, 2006

here's another beautiful set of songs for all the good people in the world and even the bad people too because they're really not that bad.
(my comments in parentheses)

the rosebuds- makeout song
blanketarms- i love your guts
jeffrey lewis- life (i know i played this last week but i love this song sooooo much i just want to share it all the time)
the weakerthans- my favorite chords
defiance ohio, petty problems
i'm from barcelona- treehouse
cloud cult- happy hippo
the blow- pardon me
tender forever- the magic of crashing stars
mates of state- ride again (playing in albany at valentines next friday!)
say hi to your mom- recurring motifs in historical flirtings
adam green- i wanna die (i don't really want to die!)
elekibass- almanack
ryan jenkins- folk song (from a live set:
rosa- bike rides and high fives
paul baribeau- dead flowers and dirt
nice and friendly- how to make cake (this song makes me so happy)
xiu xiu- hello from eau claire (beautiful song from their new cd, the air force)
casiotone for the painfully alone- tonight was a disaster (tonight was a success, actually!)

Hot Zig 2.8.06 MISH MASH

I feel like I'm all over the board with tonight's playlist. Let's see how it goes.

01. Toots and the Maytals - Pomp and Pride
02. Beat Happening - Not a Care in the World
03. Peter Bjorn and John - Objects of my Affection *NEW
04. Q and Not U - Wet Work
05. Eddie the Rat - Dim *NEW
06. Kelpie - Ah Don-Task
07. Ill Ease - New York No Wave *NEW
08. The Plot to Blow up the Eiffel Tower - Circuit
09. The Cat Empire - The Chariot *NEW
10. Neutral Milk Hotel - The Fool
11. The Vinyl Skyway - Bye Bye Badman *NEW
12. Harry Belafonte - Angelina
13. The Splendors - City of the Rats *NEW
14. of Montreal - Pancakes for One
15. Sleeping in the Aviary - Lanugo *NEW
16. The Apples in Stereo - Sunndal Song *NEW
17. Ghost Mice - D&D *LIVE
18. Les Savy Fav - Reprobate's Resume

The Blender, Thursday Feb 8 @ 2-4p

I discovered Blair's favorite band before he even realizes it: The Frames!! But Fulton Lights is what really caught my ears. Either way, this program is brought to you by the letter F.

2:00 (Movie Givaway)
Extra Produktionen - Voliere
The Frames - People Get Ready
Genre Peak - Point of No Return
Fujiya & Miyagi - Conductor 71
Farmacia - Aldo Bonzi
Fennesz - Caecilia
Peter Bjorn and John - Young Folks (Beyond the Wizard's Sleeve Re-Animation)
Adam Balbo - Samba Blues
Fulton Lights - Thank God For the Evening News
Apples in Stereo - Same Old Drag
Ono with Jason Pierce - Walking On Thin Ice
Sophe Lux - God Doesn't Take American Express
3:00, "What's Going On Here"
Walter Carlos - March from A Clockwork Orange
Lucinda Williams - Are You Alright?
The Basement - Close the Door
Mr. Blotto - Evangeline
Ghost Mice - Bloomington, IN
L'Hiver - Les Vrais Guerilleros
Ghost Mice - Germany
Shirley Bassey - Till Love Touches Your Life
David Bromberg - Try Me One More Time
Vangelis - Blush Response
Alexander Robotnick - Problemes d'Amour
Princess - Dusty
4:00 aint my show anymore!!!

Addicted to Baked Goods 2/7

Hey, this is a little late. I had a special show featuring some garage rock from the 60's. I wont be on next week (2/14). New stuff in Red.

song - artist

cinderland - grandaddy
get me to the world on time - the electric prunes
soulful shade of blue - neko case
+81 - deerhoof
dirty water - the standells
cats as a jour - of montreal
autralia - shins
talk talk - the music machine
wasted and ready - ben kweller
it's cold outside - choir
when it began - the replacements
alaska - camera obscura
it's you - the specials
papa was a rodeo - the magnetic fields
i still remember - bloc party
mr. pharmacist - the other half
80 windows - nada surf
glowworm - apples in stereo
green machine - apples in stereo
mama - steven malkamus
laugh laughn- the beau brummels
in the aeroplane over the sea - neutral milk hotel
the car song - the cat empire
better than most - a.c. newman
skeleton key - margot and the nuclear so and sos
speak for me - cat power
i need you - the rationals
the vanashing spies - frank black
the night descending - iron and wine
the first big weekend - arab strap
are you gonna be there (at the love in) - the chocolate watchband
piazza the new york catcher - belle and sebastian
dilaudid - the mountain goats
factory direct - ben gibbard
sit down, i think i love you - mojo men
star - cracker
make me a mix tape - the promise ring


Wednesday, February 07, 2007

pinkie swear fill in

artist - song title
emile simon - flowers
postscripts - evolution maybe
riamiwo - slowgrounded
xela - a floating procession
bracken - safe safe safe
berg sans nipple - non ante-trots
halo fauna - tk 1 (name unknown to me)
youth group - sorry
sophe lux - marie antoinette robot 2073
deerhoof - +81
rusted root - send me on my way playing at northern lights february 12th
hot chip - (just like we) breakdown
silicon scally - thrusters
disasterpiece - neutral town occupation
V/A: 8-bit Operators - pocket calculators
V/A: ED RECS VOL 1 - pop the glock
big sir - blutracrush
cut chemist - whats the altitude
audio bulleys - ego war
the knife - heartbeats
brazilian girls - heartbeats

RADIO #!1 : slightly tardy edition

Today's show was pretty interesting... someplace between waaay distorted blast beats and forgotten 1920s jazz.
  1. Shugo Takumaru - Paparazzi
  2. Yppah - Longtime
  3. Lullatone - Bedroom Bossa Band
  4. girlsareshort - earlynorthamerican
  5. Roy Johnson - Happy Pal Stomp
  6. Skalpel - 1958
  7. The Matinee Orchestra - I'll Never be Afraid Again
  8. Brazilian Girls - Me Gustas Cuando Callas
  9. Esquivel - Yeyo
  10. Ben Tobler - Hot and Heavy
  11. Space Ghost (coast 2 coast) - Something That Rhymes With Bones
  12. Venetian Snares - Bashing His Head
  13. Stunt Rock - eff this noise
  14. Limp - Silent Running
  15. Anja Garbarek - Big Mouth
  16. The Cars are the Stars - Hotel Roma
  17. Skalpel - Structure
  18. Dimlite - Back to the Universe Part 1
  19. The Microphones - Monsters
  20. Fowler's Favoorites - Percolatin' Blues
  21. Dan Deacon - Ohio (
  22. Black Moth Super Rainbow - 1 2 3 of me
  23. The Matinee Orchestra - Run For Cover (It's Going to Rain)
  24. Mates 0f State - The Experiment
  25. The Faint - Violent
  26. The Sultans - Shut Up and Sit Down
  27. The Cars are the Stars - Silent

I really thought this show kicked ass. Sucks for you if you missed it, jerk.

Punk and Indie Gems - 2/7/7

not much to comment about specific songs, but here's the playlist

1 -- ghost mice - boy meets girl -- recording from show at rpi
2 -- wire - stampede -- wire in its later, 80s synth stage
3 -- beirut - carousels -- from the new bins
4 -- wipers - what is
5 -- morphine - radar
6 -- pavement - stop breathin
7 -- rem - daysleeper
8 -- shudder to think - goat
9 -- discharge - the more i see
10 -- shins - austrailia -- off their new album
11 -- kicked in the head - breakdown
12 -- the four eyes -- debate team
13 -- rites of spring - end on end
14 -- bomb the music industry - anywhere i lay my head (tom waits cover) -- see this link to download the entire album
15 -- sufjan stevens - that was the worst christmas ever!

Three Short Words - OMG Colors - 2/07/07

New music in brown.

Mates of State - Middle is Gold
Sloan - Who Taught You To Live Like That?
The Shins - Split Needles
Apples in Stereo - Radiation

Enon - Sold!
Of Montreal - A Sentence of Sorts in Kongsvinger
Architechture in Helsinki - Vanishing
The Blow - True Affection
Bloc Party - The Prayer
Q And Not U - Snow Patterns
Ted Leo & the Pharmacists - Under the Hedge
Ween - I Can't Put My Finger On It
The Flaming Lips - Be My Head
The Wrens - This Boy Is Exhausted
Arcade Fire - Black Mirror
Les Savy Fav - Who Rocks the Party

Blender Fillin: Wednesday Feb 07, 2007, 8a-9a


A few things I learned: Burdett is busiest at 8 in the morning, and they will not stop for pedestrians; there are AVAILABLE PARKING SPOTS adjacent to school at 8 in the morning (this is how you know you're up too early); it's BITTER COLD!!! How can you guys stand it, my nose nearly fell off my face!

Hope you enjoyed my first and perhaps only morning fillin. I sure did :D

Kid Koala - Music For Morning People
L'Hiver - Le Petit Pois
Japanther - On The Radio
Halo Fauna - The Coyote and the Fawn
Ghost Mice - Boy Meets Girl
Capillary Action - Architecture Would Fail
8:26, L'Ensemble giveaway
Xela - Savage Ritual
Xela - A floating Procession
Defiance, Ohio - To Lanterns, Denver, and One Last Lament
L'Hiver - L'Hiver Pt. Deux
Yume Bitsu - The Wedding Procession
end at 9, enjoy your Democracy Now!

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Jock the Sock 2/6

WRPI Troy 91.5 FM

Amazing show, once again! Thanks for all the requests :)

the futureheads- le garage

the appleseed cast- fight song

of montreal- cato as a joun

the flaming lips- turn it on

the comas- tonight on the wb

stephen malkmus- mama

they might be giants- dr. worm

say hi to your mom-let's talk about spaceships

electric light orchestra- telephone line

electric six- dance epidemic

shout out out out out- dude you feel electrical

Wesley willis- oprah winfrey

death cab for cutie- i will follow you into the dark

wilco- i'm always in love

deerhoof- the galaxist

head automatica- beating hearts baby

the shins- phantom limb

the doors- touch me

menomena- air aid

grandaddy- at my post

david bowie- starman

the mathematicians- whats the difference

cursive- driftwood: a fairy tale

ok go- oh lately it's so quiet

the decembrists- 16 military wives

bloc party- the prayer

beck- new pollution

sufjan stevens- chicago (acoustic version)

irving- white hot

the magnetic fields- i think i need a new heart

Ambient Signal Playlist 2/6/07 Postrock!

WRPI 91.5fm! for webcast

Today's show theme is the genre of post-rock..I May not be playing what you necessarily think is post-rock, but I think that's its such a wide reaching genre that pretty much anyone could be right in their description..

Mogwai- Hunted By A Freak
The Mercury Program- The Secret to Quiet
Faunts- Instantly Loved
Godspeed you! Black Emperor- Storm (part 1..i think)
The Album Leaf- Story Board
Hammock- Overcast/Sorrow
Sigur Ros- Svefn g-englar
God is an Astronaut- All is violent, all is bright
Mono- Yearning
Explosions in the Sky- The Birth and Death of the Day
Appleseed Cast- On Reflection
Six parts seven- Confusing Possibilities
*Postrock break*
Menomena- Air Raid
Fulton Lights- 1000 Little Eyes
*End Postrock Break*

A Northern Chorus- Subjects & Matter

Amiina- Hemipode
Rachel's- Water from the Same Source
Efterklang- Bright

Next week's theme should be something like angsty female singers, european bands, or songs not in 4/4..make suggestions for themes!