Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Ambient Signal Playlist 2/6/07 Postrock!

WRPI 91.5fm!
http://www.wrpi.org/ for webcast

Today's show theme is the genre of post-rock..I May not be playing what you necessarily think is post-rock, but I think that's its such a wide reaching genre that pretty much anyone could be right in their description..

Mogwai- Hunted By A Freak
The Mercury Program- The Secret to Quiet
Faunts- Instantly Loved
Godspeed you! Black Emperor- Storm (part 1..i think)
The Album Leaf- Story Board
Hammock- Overcast/Sorrow
Sigur Ros- Svefn g-englar
God is an Astronaut- All is violent, all is bright
Mono- Yearning
Explosions in the Sky- The Birth and Death of the Day
Appleseed Cast- On Reflection
Six parts seven- Confusing Possibilities
*Postrock break*
Menomena- Air Raid
Fulton Lights- 1000 Little Eyes
*End Postrock Break*

A Northern Chorus- Subjects & Matter

Amiina- Hemipode
Rachel's- Water from the Same Source
Efterklang- Bright

Next week's theme should be something like angsty female singers, european bands, or songs not in 4/4..make suggestions for themes! neala@rpi.edu

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