Thursday, February 08, 2007

monsters get slain february 8, 2006

here's another beautiful set of songs for all the good people in the world and even the bad people too because they're really not that bad.
(my comments in parentheses)

the rosebuds- makeout song
blanketarms- i love your guts
jeffrey lewis- life (i know i played this last week but i love this song sooooo much i just want to share it all the time)
the weakerthans- my favorite chords
defiance ohio, petty problems
i'm from barcelona- treehouse
cloud cult- happy hippo
the blow- pardon me
tender forever- the magic of crashing stars
mates of state- ride again (playing in albany at valentines next friday!)
say hi to your mom- recurring motifs in historical flirtings
adam green- i wanna die (i don't really want to die!)
elekibass- almanack
ryan jenkins- folk song (from a live set:
rosa- bike rides and high fives
paul baribeau- dead flowers and dirt
nice and friendly- how to make cake (this song makes me so happy)
xiu xiu- hello from eau claire (beautiful song from their new cd, the air force)
casiotone for the painfully alone- tonight was a disaster (tonight was a success, actually!)

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