Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Ambient Signal 5/7/08

WRPI 91.5fm! for webcast

I believe summer schedule starts next week..pretty sure I'll be at the same time though

Talkdemonic- Bering
Talkdemonic- Human till born
Battles- Rainbows
Sunset Rubdown- Stadiums and Shrines II
Menomena- Muscle n' Flo
Bright Eyes- True Blue (Live)
A Northern Chorus- This Open Heart
Valley of the Giants- Westworld
Dosh-Kit and pearls
Arc lab- The secret lives of A.C. Wuornos
Portishead- Plastic
Leerone- Empty Houses
Russian Circles-Campaign
El Perro Del Mar- Somebody's Baby
Feist- Honey honey (live)
Langhorne Slim- Spinning compass
Flight of the conchords- The most beautiful girl
Pattern is movement- Peach trees
Orenda Fink- Leave it all
Mogwai- Teamhanded
Bend like branches- Snowroom
Ulrich Schnauss- Blumenweise neben autobahn
Sigur Ros- Andvari
Hammock- The house where we grew up

pinkie swear | last show of academic year

sally shapiro - anorak christmas - woodhands remix
cut copy - out there on the ice
b-52's - funplex - css remix
act - ping pong
shy child - drop the phone
ghostland observatory - dancing on my grave
bad dudes - suez
architechture in helsinki - heart it races
crystal castles - crimewave (crystal castles vs health)
chromeo - fancy footwork
does it offend you, yeah? - dawn of the dead
the ting tings - great dj
pink skull - get inside (my tiny pyramids)
moby - alice
burial - archangel
metaform - urban velvet
ghislain poirier - no more blood feat. face-t - hudson mohawke remix
juno reactor - las vegas future past
mashed buddha - ego maniac
boys noize - my head - para one
justice - genesis
daft punk - around the world / harder better faster stronger
M.I.A. - paper planes - scottie b. remix
substantial - resurrection of the house party
four tet - ribbons
bjork - wanderlust - ratatat remix
glen porter - prolong
bitcrush - what would hope be without disapointment
subtractive lad - decay as a lifestyle

This was my last show for the semester but I'll be in and out during the summer at random times once I have my schedule figured out. Thanks for listening and thanks for all of my callers who always show their appreciation, I love hearing from you so keep it up!

-Emelie [9284]

Monday, May 05, 2008

Free Nine Inch Nails

Download it here!

Free music all over the place these days...

-Emelie [9229]