Thursday, November 29, 2007

Ambient Signal 11/29/07

WRPI 91.5fm! for webcast

Yep..I'm back with another thrilling playlist

Keep your eyes peeled to this space for mine and the other DJ's top 10 albums of the year..I've got a few bands in mind but haven't gotten it whittled down quite yet

Dosh- Steve the Cat
Japancakes- Sometimes
The Swords Project- Md11
Battles- Tonto (Live at Frf 07)
Denali- You File
Sufjan Stevens- Decatur
Sigur Ros- Salka
Why?- Hollows (clean)
Cars & Trains - The Wires from my broken record player
I, Colossus- It's not funny
Grizzly Bear- He Hit Me
Please Quiet Ourselves- Color Chart
Last Days- Devil's Wood
DRI- Meet me out
Neva Dinova- Get Back
Kate Tucker and sons of sweden- The Hours
Vio/Mire- Wood Splitting
Liz Isenberg- People who die in the desert
Radical Face- Wrapped in piano strings
The Ghost Orchid- Living Daylight
Talk Demonic- Andean Twilight
Mice Parade- Guitars for plants

Only about 2 weeks left of classes..maybe 2 more shows before I go away for the holidayz

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

pinkie swear

I'm baaaack.

artist - song

chairs in the arno - input delay
the killers - shadow play
georgie james - need your needs
beirut - forks and knives {la fete}
moby & oscar the punk remix - god bless the child
near the parenthesis - into the green
take - tuesday never comes
billie holiday - trav'lin all alone - nickodemus & zab remix
keef baker - never
explosions in the sky - the only moment we were alone
*me talking*
bitcrush - what would hope be without disappointment
I, Colossus - it's not funny
Cars and trains - the wires from my broken record player
ernest gonzales - reminisce
jose gonzalez - down the line
near the parenthesis - trailing (further behind by Bitcrush)
flying lotus - spicy sammich
malibu - please don't go
prefuse 73 - the class of 73 bells (featuring school of seven bells)
edIT - track 2
bonde de role - marina gasolina (peaches remix)
para one - turtle trouble
justice - waters of nazareth
M.I.A. - galang
architechture in helsinki - it's 5
casiotone for the painfully alone - cold white christmas
misha - delovedly
bright eyes - easy/lucky/free
appleseed cast - february
architechture in helsinki - souvenirs
elliot smith - twilight
christian kiefer and jefferson pitcher - ship under sand
a silver mt. zion - dead marines
last days - the whole town is against us
jose gonzales - lovestain
jose gonzales - remain
bitcrush - in distance (keef baker rmx)
funckarma - skaind
the blow - hey boy
jose gonzales - heartbeats

-Emelie {6550}
call me at the station::518.276.6248

Gold Sounds 11/28/07 - A Copious Amount of Music!! Edition

Hello! I'm back from stuffing my face with turkey every day, bringing you lots of new music. I'm here until three today so the playlist is much longer than usual. Enjoy! New songs in orange, requests in blue.

Los Campesinos! "We Throw Parties, You Throw Knives"
Kristoffer Ragnstam "Man Overboard"
St. Vincent "Jesus Saves, I Spend"

Wisely "Cracked World View"
Sea Wolf "You're a Wolf"
Wire "Drill"

Joy Division "Love Will Tear Us Apart"
The Good Life "A Little Bit More"
She Is So Beautiful/She Is So Blonde "Days"

Eddie Vedder "Long Nights"
The Smiths "That Joke Isn't Funny Anymore"
Bear vs Shark "Catamaran"
Husker Du "I'll Never Forget You"

Cursive "Big Bang"
Aesop Rock "Bring Back Pluto"
Hum "Little Dipper"

Sgt. Dunbar and the Hobo Banned "Don't Fall Asleep"
Rock Plaza Central "Our Pasts, Like Lighthouses"
Neutral Milk Hotel "In the Aeroplane over the Sea"
World/Inferno Friendship Society "Brother of the Mayor of Bridgewater"

Firefox AK "Habibi"
Dri "Smoke Rings"
The Most Serene Republic "The Men Who Live Upstairs"

Please Quiet Ourselves "Antibodies"
Hammer No More Than Fingers "Bossman"
The Future Kings of Nowhere "Never"

Beirut "Nantes"
Georgie James "Look Me Up"
Maritime "Guns of Navarone"

CONCEPTUAL ROCK BLOCK (Cities in Crisis!!!-ish)
Piebald "Small Town Outside of Boston"
Pavement "Zurich Is Stained"
St. Vincent "Paris Is Burning"

Jawbreaker "Million"
Archers of Loaf "Vocal Shrapnel"
Streetlight Manifesto "Keasbey Nights"

Rob Crow "I Hate You, Rob Crow"
Pinback "Penelope"
Modest Mouse "Gravity Rides Everything"
Sufjan Stevens "Chicago"

The Postal Service "Brand New Colony"
Mogwai "Hunted by a Freak" (Peel Session)
Beirut "Postcards From Italy"