Monday, November 23, 2009

Plan B, 11/23/09

Back once again, because luckily for you (*cough*) my show is one of the few that's not blacked out due to turkey this week. Focus albums are Heave Yer Skeleton by Mr. Gnome (from what I've checked out so far, this is really damn good) and Moon Sweet Moon by Via Tania. Honorable mention goes to The Martyrdom of a Catastrophist by Junius, yet another artist from the Mylene Sheath repertoire.

And once more, in case you're interested in seeing what I'm listening to outside of these two hours, or what's cycling through my headphones the most this week, you can check out my page here:

As always, thanks for listening!

-- Pete

Track - Artist (Album):

  • Arrow - Tegan & Sara (Sainthood)
  • Fields - Via Tania (Moon Sweet Moon)
  • Sit Up and Hum - Mr. Gnome (Heave Yer Skeleton)
  • Clover - Ramona Falls (Intuit)
  • Beleriand - The Middle East (s/t)
  • Birth Rites by Torchlight - Junius (The Martyrdom of a Catastrophist)
  • A Funeral Dressed As a Birthday - We Are The Willows (A Collection of Sounds and Something Like The Plague)
  • Slow Side - Mr. Gnome (Heave Yer Skeleton)
  • The Pharmacist v. The Secret Stars (Version: To Decline) - Ted Leo and The Pharmacists (Tej Leo(?), Rx / Pharmacists)
  • Dangerously - Via Tania (Moon Sweet Moon)
  • Televators - The Mars Volta (Deloused in the Comatorium)
  • Pelourinho - Cougar (Patriot)
  • Introducing Palace Players - Mew (No More Stories...)
  • Spain - Mr. Gnome (Heave Yer Skeleton)
  • Always Right - Ramona Falls (Intuit)
  • Blind - Silver Starling (s/t)
  • Wonder Stranger - Via Tania (Moon Sweet Moon)
  • The Antediluvian Fire - Junius (The Martyrdom of a Catastrophist)
  • Forest - Kaddisfly (Set Sail The Prairie)
  • Bulk Eye - Don Caballero (Punkgasm)
  • Paper Hands - The Nocturnes (A Year of Spring)
  • Geneva - Russian Circles (Geneva)
  • Blessings Be Yours Mister V - The Sound of Animals Fighting (The Ocean and The Sun)

Isolation Chamber 11.23

Song - Artist
Change Channel - Lo-Fi-Fnk
Love Your Enemy (Kill Your Friend) - Birdy Nam Nam
Oh! - Boys Noize
Sweet light - Boys Noize
D.A.N.C.E. - Justice
Heads Will Roll (A-Trak Remix) - Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Shine Shine (Apparat Remix) - Boys Noize
One More Time (The House Moguls 2007 Remix) - Daft Punk
Air War (Joe And Will Ask? Remix) - Crystal Castles
The Brainwasher - Daft Punk
Twisted vs Technologic (DJ Dan & Mike Balance mashup) - DJ Dan & Mike Balance vs Workidz & Daft Punk
I Don't Know The Half Of How The Hell To Keep - Hot Chip
Trance Doll - Picture Plane
Take Me Out (Adam1Time's B-More Remix) - Franz Ferdinand
Ground Zero - We Are Terrorists
1985 - Rival Consoles
You Can't Go Home Again (LP)
Love Deep Inside (DJs from Mars Club Remix) - Rico Bernasconi
1314 - Arnaud Rebotini
Bremen Cowboy - GusGus
Claymore - Joe & Will Ask?
Electorate - Rival Consoles
Don't Go Home Tonight - Andy Caldwell
Xtal - Aphex Twin