Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Ambient Signal 6/11/08 - Pre 10,000 hits

WRPI 91.5fm! for webcast

Wow almost 10,000 hits on this almost 2 years old..not too shabby..should have 10,000 by friday

Pre show-
Eef Barzelay - Could be worse
Free Kittens- Help Me
James pants- Dragonslayer
Neva Dinova- Clouds
Playlist start----
My Brightest Diamond- Golden Star
Under Byen- Af samme stof som stof
Brooke Waggoner- Fresh pair of eyes
Sigur Ros- Gobbledigook
The Velvet Teen- No one gets the best of me
The Books- There is no there
Red Lions- Bay of Naples
Venice is sinking- Pulaski Heights
Cars & Trains- Painting it over did no good/Solitary Bird
Fleet Foxes- Blue Ridge Mountains
Spiritualized- you lie you cheat
Watson Twins- Just like heaven
My Education- Britches Blanket
Minus the Bear- Lets play clowns
Nethers- Three hearts
Bittersweet- Drama
Death cab for cutie- Talking Bird
Styrofoam- Lil white boy
Mates of state- The re-arranger
Slow Six- These rivers between us
This will destroy you- Threads
Bright eyes- I'll be your friend
Charlie Everywhere- Mouthful of diamonds
Khoiba- Loading of aching heads