Saturday, December 09, 2006

pinkie swear. 12/9/06


Chriss the Greek/South Side Crew

Tahiti 80/Changes

Kid Beyond/Mothership

Honeycut/Dark Day, White Lines

SSI/E Pluribus Unum

Kaki King/Until We Felt Red

Riamiwo/Electric Tagtraum

Softlightes/Girl Kills Bear

Daedelus/Remix of Nothing

Hammock/I Can Almost See You

Bytecon/Erase Your Mind

Cities/Mild Davis/A Theme Remix

Caural/ Make Is Invisible

Sim-pli-ci-ty/Life Seasons Remix

Ladytron/Writing on the Wall

Ladytron/He Took Her to a Movie

The Aphex Twin/Digeridoo



Mochipet/Robot Girl

Hot Chip/Boy from School

65daysofstatic/Drove Through Ghosts to get Here

The Knife/ Pass This On

Addicted to Jock the Sock's Baked Goods!!! 12/9/06

Hey! So we did a fill in show (Sat 12-2) together this week combining Jock the Sock and Addicted to Baked Goods! We had some fun and played some Indie Christmas Music! Christmas music in red, new music in purple!

song - artist

wrapped up in books - belle and sebastian
stay up - apple jackzzzzz
we're gonna be friends - the white stripes
little drummer boy - sufjan stevens
things to do before we die - casper and the cookies
caught in the rain - preston school of industry
the metal - tenacious d
mele kalikimaka - reel big fish
the perfect crime #2 - decemberists
love love love - the mountain goats
the christmas song- weezer
surf wax america- weezer
i'll follow you into the dark - death cab for cutie
strange apparition- beck
hungry like the wolf - duran duran
clumsy heart - the matches
split needles (alt version) - the shins
the 12 days of yaksmas- ren and stimy show - crock o' christmas
invisible drugs - the comas
cinderland - grandaddy
anne arbour - the get up kids
tulip baroo - of montreal
the ice of boston - dismembernt plan
dominick the donkey - lou monte
here it goes again - ok go
futures - zero 7
blue christmas - bright eyes
wild strawberries - john vanderslice
ghost mountain - the unicorns
clampdown - the clash
black plastic bag - q and not u
center of the universe - built to spill
oi to the world - the vandals
oh you pretty thing - david bowie

-Tracy and Lauren

Friday, December 08, 2006

Punk and Indie Gems filling in for Pomp and Pride -- Dec 8

i filled in for Tony's show friday; here's my playlist

1 -- applejackzzzzz - faking sick > school
2 -- jawbreaker - with or without u2
3 -- madeline - i left the light on
4 -- morphine - mile high
5 -- evens - everybody knows
6 -- mission of burma - the mute speaks out
7 -- paul baribeau - back from college
8 -- gang of four - not great men
9 -- the replacements - i will dare
10 -- belle and sebastian - rollercoaster ride -- cut-off 30 seconds in by hockey

Jock the Sock 12/8/06

Hey, this is Lauren from Jock the Sock! I'm on 2-3PM on Fridays. Here's my playlist for 12/8/06...

Grandaddy- now it's on
The monkees- last train to clarksville
The ren & stimpy show "crock o' christmas" - the holiday hop
The shins- phantom limb
Marie antionette soundtrack- aphex twin- jynweythek ylow
The unicorns- child star
Marie antoinette soundtrack- bow wow wow- aphrodesiac
Sublime- saw red (acoustic)
Gravy train!!!!- jonny makeup
Sufjan stevens- hey guys! it's christmas time!
The mountain goats- up the wolves
Animaniacs- yakko's world
The rapture- heaven
Snmnmnm- if you didnt get me anything before, why did you get me anything for christmas?
Goldfinger- white christmas
The arcade fire- neighborhood #3 (power out)
Sebadoh- happily divided

purple = new music!
blue = requests!
green = some personal faves

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Radio #1 - December 7th Maximum Awesome Edition

  1. The Go Find - City Dreamer
  2. Air - Radio #1
  3. The Blow - Hey Boy
  4. Stolen Parachute - you're my sunshine (extra sunny mix)
  5. Terry S. Taylor - Klaymen's Theme
  6. Serial Experiments Lain Soundtrack - Tokage Noyouni
  7. guitar - naoki
  8. Juana Molina - Un Beso Llega
  9. Anna Domina - Zanna
  10. J + J + J - Insomnia is a Sleeping Disorder
  11. The Latch Brothers - Koto Stomp
  12. Nick Mahon - catch
  13. Mr. Oizo - Bobby Can't Dance
  14. The Faint - Dropkick the Punks
  15. Suicide Machines - No Face
  16. Joy Division - Warsaw
  17. Stolen Parachute - a tasteful disinterest in modern art
  18. Donna Regina - How Beautiful
  19. Daedelus - Bright Stars
  20. The Smiths - Ask
  21. Edith Piad - Milord
  22. Denali - Run Through
  23. Diablotones - Russian Folk Song
  24. The Russian Futurists - You Dot, Me Dot, T-Dot
  25. Nick Mahon - summertime
  26. Gerling - Ghost Patrol
  27. Lali Puna - Grin and Bear
  28. Diplo - Money Power and Respect
  29. Dan Deacon - Ohio
  30. Mathematicians - 4 eyes
  31. Electrocute - Kleiner Dicker Junge
  32. Maximum Joy - Stretch
  33. General Electrics - Central Park
  34. Weird Noise Factory - Undersea Swamp
  35. The Smiths - Last Night I dreamt That Somebody Loved Me
  36. Guitar - Akiko
  37. Denali - The Instinct
  38. Silver Fins - Waiting so long...


Wednesday, December 06, 2006

pinkie swear. and Addicted to Baked Goods Unite!

This Saturday is a special edition of 'Addicted to Baked Goods' and 'Pinkie Swear.' Starting at 12pm (noon)' Addicted to Baked Goods' will be on from 12-2 and following that will be 'pinkie swear.' from 2-4pm. At 4pm will be the RPI Women's Hockey game thus the change in times.

Saturday December 9th
12-2pm: Addicted to Baked Goods
2-4pm: Pinkie Swear

Be sure to tune in!
-Emelie (and Tracy)

Punk and Indie Gems - December 6th

no show last week... this week i had a lot of new stuff though!
* means the band's currently active

1 -- dag nasty - circles -- song about voicing opinions
2* -- evens - cache is empty -- the evens new album is a bit better than their first one. the guitar work's a bit more complicated, but what really stands out is how often they reference washington d.c and politics in general. mostly the album is angrier than the previous one, which is a good thing
3* -- paul baribeau - strawberry -- love song referencing strawberries. i do hope i'm pronouncing his name right on the air
4? -- television - foxhole -- decent song by television. i chose this song at random off of their album adventure
5 -- the wipers - when it's over -- last song off their album 'youth of america'. pretty great
6 -- sonic youth - turquoise boy -- probably my favorite sonic youth song right now. it's off their latest album, 'rather ripped', which is also a pretty good album.
7 -- morphine - shame -- fastest song off of 'b-sides and otherwise'. morphine had a cult following back in the 90's until the lead singer died of a heart attack. they're jazz grunge for lack of a better term. saxophones and all.
8* -- dinosaur jr. - in a jar -- classic song from dinosaur jr
9 -- abe froman - soup can phones
10* -- liz isenberg - hello christmas -- acoustic guitar artist from the amherst area. she's probably playing at rpi sometime next semester
11* -- sufjan stevens - hey guys! it's christmas time! -- two christmas songs in a row!
12* -- madeline with youtube video- shaking in my boots
13* -- shins - nothing at all -- song from newest shins ep
14* -- one reason - rest stop -- screamo about politics?
15* -- the door-keys - birds and spiders -- off of their newest album "tour EP" which plan-it-x shipped to me for free. thanks!

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Addicted to Baked Goods 12/5

I finally remembered to announce the blog on my show! My show is on Tuesdays 4-5pm. New stuff in colors!

song - artist

blizzard of 77 - nada surf
nothing at all - shins
love you madly - cake
german engineering - maritime
know your onion - of montreal (shins cover)
bank job - barenaked ladies
learn how do disappear - casper and the cookies
days like these - the cat empire
lost in the supermarket - clash
loose leaves - bright eyes
tracy, i love you - luna
starry eyed surprise - paul oakenfold
the whole world - the muffs
let's get out of this country - camera obscura
talk with me, dance with me - hot hot heat
last call - brazilian girls
state inspector - state radio


Ambient Signal Playlist 12/5/06

Tune in next week for my greatest hits of 2006 and others
WRPI 91.5fm! for webcast

The Arcade Fire- Neighborhood #2 (laika)
Styrofoam- Couches in alleys
Khoiba- Nice Traps
Cat Power- The Greatest
Mum- WIll summer make good for all our sins
Carissa's Wierd- September come take this heart away
Margot and the Nuclear So and So's- Dust of retreat
Bright Eyes- Make War
Ambulette- If You Go Away
Beck- Broken Drum (board of canada remix)
Appleseed cast- Sila's knife (request)
Red Sparrowes- ? (track 1 off newest album) (request)
Hammock- Disappear like the morning...
Inner banks- Acoustic
The Mercury Program- Sultan of el sur
Brand New- Jesus Christ
Grizzly Bear- Easier
Cursive- Staying Alive
Doves- Rise
Sigur Ros- Olsen Olsen

Happy listening..hope you're enjoying the snow

tune in next week!

Monday, December 04, 2006

Monsters get filled in 12/4/06

Hey all,

I'm covering for allisahn this evening...last week of exams/projects have tied her down
Im not really going to try to recreate her you'll have to deal with what I pick

The Velvet Teen- Chimera Obscurant
Broken Social Scene- Lover's spit (off of Bee Hives)
Hammock- ... Like Starlight into day
Midnight Movies- Patient Eye
Emily Haines- Crowd surf off a cliff
Annuals- Carry Around
The Inner Banks- Glittering sky
Brand New- Handcuffs
Margot and the Nuclear So's- Quiet as a mouse
Stars- One More night

Yay..hope you halfway enjoyed

Make your top 10's of 2006!!

Hey peoples who write on this blog:

Start compiling your top 10 albums of 2006 to put on the blog.. I've put together a list of candidates for my own top 10..and they are as follows:

Margot and the Nuclear So and So's- Dust of Retreat
The Album leaf- Into the Blue again
Brand New- The Devil and God are raging inside me
Cursive- Happy Hollow
Emily Haines and the soft skeleton- Knives don't have your back
Amy Millan- Honey from the tombs
Annuals- Be He Me
Hammock- Raising your voice trying to stop an echo
The Velvet Teen- Cum laude
Talkdemonic- Beat Romantic
Camera Obscura- Let's get out of this country
Forget Cassettes- Salt
Sunset Rubdown- Shut up I am dreaming of places
Beck- The information
Bright Eyes- Noise Floor

maybe add your own candidates to the comments..or make a new post..I should have my top 10 by the end of this week