Saturday, December 09, 2006

Addicted to Jock the Sock's Baked Goods!!! 12/9/06

Hey! So we did a fill in show (Sat 12-2) together this week combining Jock the Sock and Addicted to Baked Goods! We had some fun and played some Indie Christmas Music! Christmas music in red, new music in purple!

song - artist

wrapped up in books - belle and sebastian
stay up - apple jackzzzzz
we're gonna be friends - the white stripes
little drummer boy - sufjan stevens
things to do before we die - casper and the cookies
caught in the rain - preston school of industry
the metal - tenacious d
mele kalikimaka - reel big fish
the perfect crime #2 - decemberists
love love love - the mountain goats
the christmas song- weezer
surf wax america- weezer
i'll follow you into the dark - death cab for cutie
strange apparition- beck
hungry like the wolf - duran duran
clumsy heart - the matches
split needles (alt version) - the shins
the 12 days of yaksmas- ren and stimy show - crock o' christmas
invisible drugs - the comas
cinderland - grandaddy
anne arbour - the get up kids
tulip baroo - of montreal
the ice of boston - dismembernt plan
dominick the donkey - lou monte
here it goes again - ok go
futures - zero 7
blue christmas - bright eyes
wild strawberries - john vanderslice
ghost mountain - the unicorns
clampdown - the clash
black plastic bag - q and not u
center of the universe - built to spill
oi to the world - the vandals
oh you pretty thing - david bowie

-Tracy and Lauren

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