Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Punk and Indie Gems - December 6th

no show last week... this week i had a lot of new stuff though!
* means the band's currently active

1 -- dag nasty - circles -- song about voicing opinions
2* -- evens - cache is empty -- the evens new album is a bit better than their first one. the guitar work's a bit more complicated, but what really stands out is how often they reference washington d.c and politics in general. mostly the album is angrier than the previous one, which is a good thing
3* -- paul baribeau - strawberry -- love song referencing strawberries. i do hope i'm pronouncing his name right on the air
4? -- television - foxhole -- decent song by television. i chose this song at random off of their album adventure
5 -- the wipers - when it's over -- last song off their album 'youth of america'. pretty great
6 -- sonic youth - turquoise boy -- probably my favorite sonic youth song right now. it's off their latest album, 'rather ripped', which is also a pretty good album.
7 -- morphine - shame -- fastest song off of 'b-sides and otherwise'. morphine had a cult following back in the 90's until the lead singer died of a heart attack. they're jazz grunge for lack of a better term. saxophones and all.
8* -- dinosaur jr. - in a jar -- classic song from dinosaur jr
9 -- abe froman - soup can phones
10* -- liz isenberg - hello christmas -- acoustic guitar artist from the amherst area. she's probably playing at rpi sometime next semester
11* -- sufjan stevens - hey guys! it's christmas time! -- two christmas songs in a row!
12* -- madeline with youtube video- shaking in my boots
13* -- shins - nothing at all -- song from newest shins ep
14* -- one reason - rest stop -- screamo about politics?
15* -- the door-keys - birds and spiders -- off of their newest album "tour EP" which plan-it-x shipped to me for free. thanks!

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