Friday, December 08, 2006

Jock the Sock 12/8/06

Hey, this is Lauren from Jock the Sock! I'm on 2-3PM on Fridays. Here's my playlist for 12/8/06...

Grandaddy- now it's on
The monkees- last train to clarksville
The ren & stimpy show "crock o' christmas" - the holiday hop
The shins- phantom limb
Marie antionette soundtrack- aphex twin- jynweythek ylow
The unicorns- child star
Marie antoinette soundtrack- bow wow wow- aphrodesiac
Sublime- saw red (acoustic)
Gravy train!!!!- jonny makeup
Sufjan stevens- hey guys! it's christmas time!
The mountain goats- up the wolves
Animaniacs- yakko's world
The rapture- heaven
Snmnmnm- if you didnt get me anything before, why did you get me anything for christmas?
Goldfinger- white christmas
The arcade fire- neighborhood #3 (power out)
Sebadoh- happily divided

purple = new music!
blue = requests!
green = some personal faves