Monday, April 19, 2010

Plan B, 4/19/10

Tonight, in tribute to the volcanic activity in Iceland and all those affected by it, is Nordic night. Whole bunch of music from Iceland, Denmark, Sweden, and Norway. No Finnish bands though; sorry, Suomi.

R.I.P. Devon Clifford (YSP!WSD!), 1979-2010

There is XXXX (Within My Heart) - You Say Party! We Say Die!
The Great Escape - Jeff Who?
Svefnsýkt - Mammút
Go Do - Jónsi
156 - Mew
Raincoats - Efterklang
The Curse of Being a Girl - Kashmir
Our Door Handles Stopped Moving Years Ago - Youth Pictures of Florence Henderson
Ox-Eye - Jeniferever
Hollow Talk - Choir of Young Believers
Just Getting Started - Dikta
Heard It All Before - Emíliana Torrini
Mirador - Efterklang
Ný Batterí - Sigur Rós
Okyrro - For A Minor Reflection
Wheels Over Me - Mew
Concrete Walls - Fever Ray
Concrete and Glass - Jeniferever
Cartoons and Macramé Wounds - Mew
Polygyne - Efterklang
Teardrop - José Gonzalez