Wednesday, May 23, 2007

go go electro

go go electro

artist - song title
the blow - hock it (yacht remix)
lymbyc system - love your abuser
Air - napalm love
roger o'donnell - treasure
terminal sound system - gridlike
luke slator - she showed me heaven
chris fortier - don't hide what you believe
chris fortier - portion control
genji siraisi - $trillion debts
ulrich schnauss - medusa (edit)
alias - into the trees
alias - exodus damage (john vanderslice)
boom bip - coogi sweater
bebel gilberto - momento
the postmarks - goodbye
yacht - platinum (feat.bobby birdman)
ellen allien -
  • junior boys -like a child
  • theo parrish - falling up
  • future beat investigators - lotus
  • joris voorn - when it was day we made night
  • pep gaya - dragon soup
  • empty set - acuphase
  • telepopmusik - love can damage your self

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

monsters get slain may 22 2007


badly drawn boy : a minor incident
dead bird : greg
the weakerthans : confessions of a futon revolutionists
danielson famile : we don't say shut up
the mountain goats : peacocks
madeline : fish in the sea
jordaan mason : make blankets your yard
iron & wine : weary memory
kind of like spitting : allison's hands
captain chaos : 11:11
matty pop chart : i love my friends
andrew jackson jihad : lightning bolt
ghost mice : up the punks
marty sprowles : birthday song for bella
paul baribeau : nervous feet
ghost mice : 1,000,000 hour
defiance ohio : lullabies
defiance ohio : petty problems
fishboy : onomatopoeia
this bike is a pipe bomb : this is what i want
5 6 7 8's : hey hey, ha! ha!
the advantage : final fantasy
braid : strawberry ann switzerland
*vcr : bratcore
*attractive and popular : sononon
the bicycles : bbbicycles
breaker! breaker! : do right, do wrong
makeup : drop the needle
battles : atlas
u.s. maple : the state was bad
kids these days : the hips (the captain)
basil the mouse : falling out of love with you
man... or astroman? : destination venus
the good good : wooden cell
xiu xiu : hello from eau claire
music tapes : song for soon to be sailor
appleseed cast : fight song
adam green : jessica
beirut : postcards from italy
say hi to your mom : i think i'll be a good ghost

*playing june 11, 2007 with the mathematicians at hot shots in glens falls!

Ambient Signal playlist 5/22/07

WRPI 91.5fm! for webcast

Bye graduating seniors! Your shows will be missed..for our listeners we hope we can get lots of good new shows in here from interested people in the fall. Check out the new summer schedule at

  1. The Velvet Teen- No one Gets the best of me
  2. Menomena- Air Raid
  3. Annuals- Bleary Eyed
  4. Neva Dinova- Dances Fantastic
  5. Margot and the Nuclear So and So's- Paper kitten nightmare
  6. Camera Obscura- Razzle Dazzle Rose
  7. Bend Like Branches - Sleet
  8. Sigur Ros- Staralfur
  9. Bright Eyes- Coat Check Dream Song
  10. Feist- Brandy Alexander
  11. Young Galaxy- Swing your heartache
  12. Dungen- Familj
  13. Battles- ATLAS
  14. Mogwai- Wake up and go berserk
  15. Bjork- Earth intruders
  16. Black moth super rainbow- forever heavy
  17. Alias- Into the trees
  18. Sunset Rubdown- Stadiums and shrines II
  19. Emily Haines and the Soft Skeleton- Our Hell
  20. Carissa's Weird- Farewell to all these rotten teeth
  21. The Album Leaf- Thule
  22. Amiina- Fjarskanistan