Friday, November 10, 2006

Pomp and Pride tonight is on what I thought was going to be an 80's kick, but turned more into leading lady vocalists, and then the show is going to be looooong because there is no hockey game, so we'll see what goes.

01. XTC - Ten Feet Tall
02. Adam Ant - Kings of the Wild Frontier
03. Bishop Allen - Queen of the Rummage Sale
04. Riding Paper Airplanes - Red Carpet Gala *NEW
^ Unfortunate vocals
05. Donna Regina - Lazy Heart
06. Casper and the Cookies - Learn How to Disappear *NEW
^ Cute, next album might be great if they develop.
07. Adam Green - Jessica
08. Cake on Cake - Sparrow Parade *NEW
^ Folky Magnetic Fields thing going on.
09. Rilo Kiley - Always
10. David and the Citizens - New Direction *NEW
11. Stars - Better Than Heaven
12. The Mountain Goats - Stars Fell on Alabama
13. Benjy Ferree - A Little at a Time *NEW
^ Totally neat. Electrofolk?
14. Bjork - It's Not Up To You
15. Pixies - Dig For Fire
16. Arctic Monkeys - Put Your Dukes Up John *NEW
17. Big Audio Dynamite - Rush
^ Steve Smith doesn't like this song.
18. So Percussion - White *NEW
19. Arcade Fire - Crown of Love
20. Plus Device - Public Transport *NEW
21. Beat Happening - Pinebox Derby
22. ... And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead - Life *NEW
^ Nice Lord of the Rings album art? Source Tags and Code was way better.
23. PSA - Health Proxy and Living Wills
24. Elvis Costello - (What's So Funny 'Bout) Peace, Love & Understanding
25. Suburban Kids with Biblical Names - Parakit *NEW
^ Reminds me of the Future Kings of Nowhere that played at GZ last year
26. Belle and Sebastian - Legal Man
27. Neutral Milk Hotel - Up and Over We Go
^ Off of Hype City Soundtrack, precursor to King of Carrot Flowers
28. Badly Drawn Boy - Above You, Below Me
29. Figurine - Rewind
30. David Bowie - Ziggy Stardust
At this point, I read 'What's going on here?', and decided to play half of Neutral Milk Hotel's In the Aeroplane Over the Sea.
31. Clientele - Spirit
32. Miho Hatori - Barracuda *NEW
33. The Clash - 1-2 Crush on You
34. Disasterpeace - Darkplaid Dungeon I - Emporor Rofliron Encounter
35. Disasterpeace - Darkplaid Dungeon II - The Return of Prince Piddles
36. Disasterpeace - Argyle Abode - March of Rigor
^ The track transitions kept slipping by me.
37. Page France - Chariot
38. Bright Eyes - Down a Rabbit Hole
More Neutral Milk Hotel at this point, the rest of the album.
39 . The Scattered Pages - I was Never Someone in Love *NEW
40 . The Mathematicians - Subtract My Life
41. The Monolith - The Sounding *NEW
42. The Feathers - Mint Cairo *NEW
43. The Head Set - Pure Convenience *NEW
^ Thanks a lot for reminding me of Aerosmith
44. Akron/Family - Italy
45. Hot IQs - Elephant in White *NEW
46. The Close - Penny Jar *NEW

I never want to do a four hour show again. But at least I've taken responsibility for the hockey slot!

Thursday, November 09, 2006


Today's magical electroweird playlist:
  1. Feathers - Tone Poem (new ... to the US)
  2. Air - Radio #1
  3. F.S. Blumm - Nie
  4. Osymoso - Fiver to Bigwig
  5. Hal 9000 and Sylvie Marks - Bluetenspass
  6. General Electrics - Central Park (awesome)
  7. knifehandchop - goin' back to scarborough
  8. Casino Versus Japan - Late for School
  9. Esquivel - Yeyo
  10. Chicks on Speed - Little Star
  11. Stars - He Lied About Death
  12. The Microphones - PreAmp
  13. Mouse on Mars - Rompatrouille
  14. General Electrics - Time to Undress
  15. The Emergency - We Got the Horror
  16. Orange Cake Mix - Bird Song
  17. Magnetophone - ...And May Your Last Words Be A Chance To Make Things Better
  18. Air - The Vagabond
  19. General Electrics - Brain Collage
  20. The Sultans - Shut Up and Sit Down
  21. Magnetophone - Benny's Insobriety
  22. Kim Hiorthory - Giving and Taking Book
  23. Chicks on Speed - Warm Leatherette
  24. Cim - Asial Fill
  25. Bjork - Mouth's Cradle
  26. Ms. John Soda - Go Check
  27. The Church - Under the Milky Way
  28. Everything But the Girl - Blame
Tune in to see how far I actually get through it!

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Late To The Party, As Always

I just wanted to make sure the party didn't suck before I came in. Anyway, below is the playlist from my show today. I'd describe what type of music I played, but there's a frickin playlist right below this. I'm on every Wednesday from 11am-1, before Punk Rock and Indie Gems.

The Flaming Lips - What Is The Light?
Chin Up, Chin Up - I Need a Friend With a Boat
The Microphones - The Glow
Figurines - Rivalry
Dosh - Everybody Cheer Up Song
The Apples in Stereo - Strawberryfire
Beck - Darkstar
The Decemberists - The Island - Come and See - The Landlord's Daughter - You'll Not Feel the Drowning
The Walkmen - We've Been Had
The Black Keys - Give Your Heart Away
John Vanderslice - Coming and Going on Easy Terms
...and You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead - Stand in Silence
The Dears - Ticket To Immortality
The Kamikaze Hearts - Top of Your Head
Architecture in Helsinki - Do the Whirlwind
The Knife - We Share Our Mothers Health*
The Blow - Parentheses
The Rapture - Heaven
The Annuals - Brother
Grizzly Bear - Colorado
TV on the Radio - Dirtywhirl
Why? - Sanddollars

*My next show may consist of this song on repeat. That'd violate the DMCA, but I'm crazy like that.

Pictures from CMJ - Emelie

^ Columbus Circle

Architecture in Helsinki >

< Architecture in Helsinki

Mo Pitkins Bar >

< Lincoln Center

punk and indie gems - november 8

1 -- dinosaur jr - the lung - nice song from 'you're living all over me', which is pretty much all a great album
2* -- decemberists - yankee bayonet (i will be home then) -- i announced this as the crane wife, sorry for the mistake
3* -- and you will know us by the trail of dead - stand in silence - i've never listened to them before but i like this song. i was at their concert at the village voice siren festival but there were many bands and i don't remember much
4 -- jawbreaker - jet black - jawbreaker in its really emo phase. song got cut off by cd scratches, sorry
5 -- smiths - how soon is it now - maybe the smith's best song
6* -- mastodon - the wolf is loose
7 -- fugazi - the argument -- fugazi's last song. post-post-hardcore
8* -- nodal nim - five songs about fish -- he used to live in troy and attend ground zero and flavour cafe
9 -- television - marquee moon
10* -- matches - papercut skin
11* -- nofx - champ elysees -- in french
12 -- shudder to think - love catastrophe
13* -- mission of burma - this is not a photograph
14 -- replacements - i hate music

CMJ Day 4 + 5 - Emelie (sorry so late!)

First off, if you don't know what CMJ is, go to for more information and a general idea on what I've been talking about.
Day 4 was deleted by accident and I lost the notes I took (or rather Blar's car ate them) so I'm going off of what I can remember from last week. It kind of feels like a giant blur because everything went by so quickly. Friday (day 4) I started off at the "Genius Guide to Indie Concert Promotion" and it was very interesting from a DJ's standpoint. I got a lot of insight on the risks that promotion people have to deal with and how one band can make or break them. I also was shocked at the amount they use Myspace as a means of finding new artists, checking to see how popular a band is by profile views, etc. Myspace seemed to be quite the important tool throughout the entire week of conferences because it was brought up in so many panels. Following that panel, I attended the "Playlist Wars" which dealt with how artists can receive airplay. Once again, Myspace being a huge helper in that. The bottom line was, don't send digital files that need to be downloaded, don't send singles and make sure it looks appealing (though each radio station/promoter varies). The last panel I attended for the day was "Membership Privledges: Artists Exposure through Web Communities". This again, talked of Myspace, since it's the largest community of music listeners. But it also touched on,, and YAHOO Music!. It is amazing to me how digital the music industry has become. This is most present in the closing of Tower Records, a giant in the industry and a block from the CMJ conferences. That night I went with Jeremy to see Deerhoof and Architecture and Helsinki, which was an outstanding show! There were 9 people on stage and so much energy and emotion went into it. Not to mention talent and creativity!

Day 5 -
The last day... This day had the most panels that I wanted to see, some of which I missed because I forgot to get off the of subway (duh). I went to "Radio Star Confidential: The Top DJ's Tell All" which was VERY interesting and featured some excellent people on the board. They stressed just getting out to the clubs and listening to music will help you find new bands/ artists as well as listening to local and new music shows. Following that I went to "This Ain't No Disco" (a classic Talking Heads line - you know I wouldn't miss that one!). The panel was different people in the Electronic Music Industy (Thrive Records, XEL8R Magazine, an agent and a radio DJ). They answered many great questions including where electronic music is going as far as sales and shows. They seemed to think that Festivals were the best way to get peoples names out there since most people only know the big business guys like Paul Oakenfold and Paul Van Dyk. Lastly I attended "Battle of the DJ's and Remixers" which was also very interesting. They played for us some sample songs of the before and afters, since they generally make remixes out of songs that are from another artist. One of the people on the panel just did the "Whip it" song for the new Jetta commercial. I'm looking forward to seeing that one. From there, I got a call from Blar and we decided to head home because we were exhausted from our week! I had so much fun, and it was such a learning experience. Thanks to the Friends of WRPI who funded our trip.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

CMJ Top 30 week prior to 11/7

Yeaah..good looking charts for the most part..good to see that the Decemberists is starting to fall...and i think the annuals album is greaat

CMJ Top 30 week prior to 11/7
1 ANNUALS Be He Me Ace Fu
2 DOSH The Lost Take Anticon
3 65DAYSOFSTATIC One Time For All Time Monotreme
4 DECEMBERISTS The Crane Wife Capitol
5 BECK The Information Interscope
6 SHOUT OUT OUT OUT OUT Not Saying Just Saying Normals Welcome
7 CASPER AND THE COOKIES The Optimist's Club Happy Happy Birthday To Me
8 ME FIRST AND THE GIMME GIMMES Love Their Country Fat Wreck Chords
9 RX BANDITS ...And The Battle Has Begun Mashdown Babylon
10 BITCRUSH In Distance n5MD
11 CHIN UP CHIN UP This Harness Can't Ride Anything Suicide Squeeze
12 MATCHES Decomposer Epitaph
13 FLAMING LIPS At War With The Mystics Warner Bros.
14 DAVID AND THE CITIZENS Until The Sadness Is Gone Friendly Fire
15 STARS OF TRACK AND FIELD Centuries Before Love And War Sidecho
16 BLOOD BROTHERS Young Machetes V2
17 MOCHIPET Disko Donkey Daly City
18 TRUCKS The Trucks Clickpop
19 AS TALL AS LIONS As Tall As Lions Triple Crown
21 MIHO HATORI Ecdysis Ryko
22 HEART ATTACKS Hellbound And Heartless Hellcat
23 CHROME CHILDREN Various Artists Stones Throw
24 CURTAINS Calamity Asthmatic Kitty
25 SO IT GOES Histrionics Self-Released
26 PORTASTATIC Be Still Please Merge
27 KAMIKAZE HEARTS Oneida Road Collar City
28 ALELA DIANE Pirate's Gospel Holocene
29 WET CONFETTI Laughing Gasping Pampelmoose
30 BORN RUFFIANS Born Ruffians Warp

Ambient Signal 11/7/06

Tonight will feature a big selection of songs from bands I saw at CMJ...enjoy!
WRPI 91.5fm! for webcast

  1. Feist- Mushaboom [K-Os Mix)
  2. Stars- What the Snowman Learned about love
  3. Bell orchestre- Throw it on a fire
  4. Sigur Ros- Untitled 8 (request)
  5. Margot and the Nuclear So & So's- A sea chanty of sorts
  6. Forget Cassettes- A Legacy's Demise
  7. Fembots- Prison memoirs of an anarchist
  8. Fog- We're winning
  9. Broken Social Scene- Windsurfing nation
  10. Bright Eyes- I will be grateful for this day
  11. Annuals- Brother
  12. Daylights for the birds- Flicker
  13. Bitcrush- Post
  14. Animal Collective-Lablakely Dress
  15. 65 days of static- Drove through ghosts to get here
  16. Mum- The Ballad of Broken Birdie Records
  17. Squarepusher- Tetra-sync
  18. Four Tet- My Angel Rocks back and forth
  19. The Album Leaf- Twenty Two Fourteen
  20. Rachel's- Last Things Last
  21. Amiina- Hemipode


Monday, November 06, 2006

monsters get slain november 6th2006

monsters get slain
october 6 2006

kimya dawson- i miss you
michael jordan touchdown pass- march of insubordination
this bike is a pipe bomb- this is what i want
sweep the leg johnny- only in a rerun
IBOPA- when you write
black moth super rainbow- vietcaterpillar
phil ochs- love me i'm a liberal
ryan jenkins
-love me i'm a liberal (*cover of evan greer's update*)
-workers people (holler and a stomp)
-forget these streets
johnny hobo and the freight trains- d.i.y. orgasms
kimya dawson- like giants
sinaola- the earth is on fire
rosa- starch + carbohydrates
defiance ohio- tanks! tanks! tanks!
ghost mice- big picture
mountain goats- love love love
michael jordan touchdown pass- the waltz of the moronic

for more related music



CMJ wrapup 11/6

Hey folks,

Just going to give my recap of the 4 days of cmj that I didn't cover already.

Saw lots of cool panels
Gearheads unite: Learned about some new technology that will be coming out from some of the large musical equipment manufacturers
Digital Domination: Learned some cool stuff about how the online digital music sales market is going
Watched the movie 'FUCK'
How to be a music player in video games: Interesting stuff on how musicians should approach getting their video games in music

Concert of the night: Tall Firs, Fog at Northsix
Managed to get Fog's autograph..they played a good show..lots of energy, but didn't really play any of the songs I really liked.
Hopped over to Manhattan to Piano's to catch a couple songs from Mixel Pixel (who played here at RPI on saturday) and to say hey to them. The use of a scrim and projector was quite interesting

Really really long day. Tons of cool panels today.
Music directors summit: learned about how other stations handle their music department
How to make music videos on a tight budget: This was probably my favorite panel, because i learned the most from it. Most of the knowledge they spoke of didn't apply to me right now because they talked about low budget videos being for about 10k, but a lot of it was interesting nonetheless.
College Radio Awards: watched as promo people and other stations won various prizes for being station of the year, etc etc

Concert of the night:
Sub Pop showcase: Loney dear, oxford collapse, the elected, CSS, The Thermals, The Album leaf (!!), and the The Shins at Bowery Ballroom

Loney Dear (6pm)was decent. Oxford collapse(7pm) had good energy but was very boring. The elected(8pm) had good stage banter, and energy, and it took me the longest time to realize that the lead singer used to be on 'salute your shorts' . CSS (9pm)was probably the most fun people had at the concert, 6 crazy brazilian people dancing around on stage to electronic beats and guitar. The thermals (11pm) was awful..way too loud..and every single song sounded exactly the same.

Finally, at midnight the Album leaf started to setup and play. Luckily I was leaning right on the stage on the side that Jimmy Lavalle was setting up. I got his autograph which is quite amazing because he is one of my favorite musicians of all time, and probably my biggest influence. Their set was awesome, and I was surprised they could pull it off with all of the equipment they had to set up. They played:
Always for You
One your way
Wherever I go

It ended about 1am, and I made my way out (I didn't stay for the shins..I don't care for them).

Caught The Decemberists at the SoHo Apple store at 1pm and it was an alright show. Because it was in the store, it was very quiet and not very energetic but they played a good selection of songs.

I didn't catch amny interesting panels today, I was very tired from the day before.

Kevin Devine, Annuals at Bowery Ballroom
Kevin Devine was alright..just kind of standard indie singer songwriter stuff.
Annuals were great, tons of energy and played all of the songs I wanted to hear, and they were very nice when I thanked them afterwards..they're quickly becoming one of my new favorite bands

Almost over...
Saw Forget Cassettes at a Terrorbird showcase at Fontana's and it was a short, but very sweet set..I was surprised she could pull of the vocals as well as she did live.

Went to catch the Album Leaf again at an AAM party at Northsix, and once again they were very good..the set was the same pretty much, except replace 'on your way' with 'see in you'

Almost went to see Margot and the Nuclear So and So's back over in manhattan at 11pm but the strain of the day, and the previous days, and the prospect of driving 3 hours home at 2am with barely any energy made me make the choice to miss the show..which is unfortunate, but probably a wise decision.

Thats it! It was a great time and I'm really looking forward to getting back there next year.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Thanks (all 2 of my fans) for being patient with the Blender playlist updates

Two new albums I fell in love with this week. John Medeski and Matthew Shipp have released a new album on this thing called the Blue Series, curated by Shipp. Basically a mix of electronics and jazz, which typically results in an illbient sort of sound, though it varies. TONS of amazing albums have come out of this, by artists like Antipop Consortium, DJ Spooky, El P, and Meat Beat Manifesto. I'll be playing the hell out of this the next few shows.

The other is by the Antarcticans. I'm not afraid to say that they are the best post rock since Godspeed You Black Emperor. They're that good. I heard them for the first time over the summer when I was in LA on this other great college radio station KXLU. This band seems to be local to the area, seeing as how their label is out of Pasadena. But man oh man I hope I manage to catch these guys live at some point.

One show I want to mention... The Mathematicians (who rocked my pants off earlier this year) are coming back to do another awe inspiring show at RPI next saturday. I am *so* there. Check GZ's website for updates regarding location.

See ya next friday as always, 4 to 6.

Playlist for Friday November 3, 2006
4 to 6 pm
Ulrich Schnauss - In All The Wrong Places
Autechre - VI Scose Poise
John Medeski & Matthew Shipp - Noonday Demon
So Percussion - What The Hell
Quench - Dapted
Mochipet - From Bedrooms To Bass Bins
Miho Hatori - Today Is Like That
The Flaming Lips - The W.A.N.D. Supernaturalistic (Goldfrapp remix)
Les Georges Leningrad - Skulls In The Closet
Bitcrush - Drop Entitled
65daysofstatic - Drove Through Ghosts To Get Here
The Antarcticans - The Ghost of the Trees & The Erase of Man
The Kamikaze Hearts - Lubbock, TX
Frida Hyvonen - Valerie
Christine Fellows - Double Takes
Annuals - Brother
The Byrds - I'll Feel A Whole Lot Better
As Tall As Lions - Stab City
The Drones - Jezebel
The Kamikaze Hearts - Guyana Central High School Class of '78
BT - All That Makes Us Human Continues
5:58, "After Dark"
Axolotl - Pneuma
Axolotl - Uroboros
end of show