Wednesday, November 08, 2006

punk and indie gems - november 8

1 -- dinosaur jr - the lung - nice song from 'you're living all over me', which is pretty much all a great album
2* -- decemberists - yankee bayonet (i will be home then) -- i announced this as the crane wife, sorry for the mistake
3* -- and you will know us by the trail of dead - stand in silence - i've never listened to them before but i like this song. i was at their concert at the village voice siren festival but there were many bands and i don't remember much
4 -- jawbreaker - jet black - jawbreaker in its really emo phase. song got cut off by cd scratches, sorry
5 -- smiths - how soon is it now - maybe the smith's best song
6* -- mastodon - the wolf is loose
7 -- fugazi - the argument -- fugazi's last song. post-post-hardcore
8* -- nodal nim - five songs about fish -- he used to live in troy and attend ground zero and flavour cafe
9 -- television - marquee moon
10* -- matches - papercut skin
11* -- nofx - champ elysees -- in french
12 -- shudder to think - love catastrophe
13* -- mission of burma - this is not a photograph
14 -- replacements - i hate music

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