Monday, November 06, 2006

monsters get slain november 6th2006

monsters get slain
october 6 2006

kimya dawson- i miss you
michael jordan touchdown pass- march of insubordination
this bike is a pipe bomb- this is what i want
sweep the leg johnny- only in a rerun
IBOPA- when you write
black moth super rainbow- vietcaterpillar
phil ochs- love me i'm a liberal
ryan jenkins
-love me i'm a liberal (*cover of evan greer's update*)
-workers people (holler and a stomp)
-forget these streets
johnny hobo and the freight trains- d.i.y. orgasms
kimya dawson- like giants
sinaola- the earth is on fire
rosa- starch + carbohydrates
defiance ohio- tanks! tanks! tanks!
ghost mice- big picture
mountain goats- love love love
michael jordan touchdown pass- the waltz of the moronic

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