Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Ambient Signal - 5/4/2010 - Non 4/4!

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Tuesdays 6-8pm

Today's show theme is primarily songs that aren't in 4/4 time. I couldn't do it for all of them when I played new music..but I'll highlight and mark my guess of the song's time signature.. Also..today's date is incredibly convenient for a show like this..how cute

Battles - Tras 2 ( 5/4 or 10/4 depending on when you want to count)
Radiohead - 15 Step (5/4)
The Velvet Teen - Spin the wink (Little cat remix) (3/4)
Broken social scene - 7/4 shoreline (...7/4)
Cortney Tidwell - 17 Horses (3/4?)
Bright eyes & Neva Dinova - I know you (3/4)
Venetian Snares - Hajnal (Mostly 7/8)
Moving Mountains - Armslength (I think I heard some 3/4 but I wasn't paying close attention)
Typhoon - Belly of the cavern
Annuals - Loxtep
Freelance Whales - Hannah
The Get Up Kids - Tommy gentle
City Lights - i see you
Dosh - Number 41
Flying lotus - Nose art
Kissaway trail - Beat your heartbeat
Cuff the duke - You were right
Whitsundays - You fell for it
Avi Buffalo - Wheres your dirty mind?
Steve reich - Section XI of Music for 18 musicians (several time signatures layered)
Animal Collective - What would I want? Sky (7/4)
Son Lux - Stand (4/4 and 3/4 but some free rhythm stuff happening)
The Antlers - Shiva (3/4)
The Album lead - Belladonna (5/4)

Sufjan Stevens - Concerning the UFO sighting (some articles guess the time signature is 65/4)

Monday, May 03, 2010

Plan B, 5/3/10

It's a little sad to think that this is one of my final radio shows. I'm out of here at the end of May :(

Atmosphere - All The Day Holiday
Listen Up - Sylvie
Heard It All Before - Emilíana Torrini
Murderer - Wintersleep
Frida Found a Friend - Efterklang
Grow Till Tall - Jónsi
T-Ball - Lymbyc Systym
Cold Cold Water - Mirah
Location - Freelance Whales
Size Too Small - Sufjan Stevens
Blood - The Middle East
Inside a Boy - My Brightest Diamond
Stars - Warpaint
Giving Birth to Imagined Saviors - Red Sparowes
SZ2 - Battles
Pray For Rain - Massive Attack
Autumn - All The Day Holiday
We Could Be Friends - Freelance Whales
Wintertime Love - Choir of Young Believers
Love and a Broken Heart - Silver Starling
Chicago - Sufjan Stevens
Comforting Sounds - Mew