Saturday, March 31, 2007

pinkie swear.

modest mouse - fire it up
the blow - parentheses
minus the bear - hooray (dark baby remix)
the dead science - Drrrty Magneto
Tommie Sunshine Ultra Rock Remix - Fall Out Boy - Dance Dance
LCD Soundsystem - North American Scum Remix Instrumental
Air - left bank
the dead science - unseeing eye
Various Artists: GO COMMANDO with JDH & Dave P
  • the knife - silent shout
  • ellen allien & apparat - do not break
  • mr. oizo - halfanedit
  • tomboy - i kill guitar
  • rekid - next stop chicago *jesse rose remix*
  • gossip - standing in the way of control *soulwax nite version*
tommie sunshine remix - panic at the disco - the only difference between martyrdom and suicide is press coverage
modest mouse - education
the blow - true affection
casiotone for the painfully alone - i love creedence
my brightest diamond - workhorse
mochipet - justin timberlakecore
lcd soundsystem - north american scum


Thursday, March 29, 2007

Addicted to Baked Goods 3/28

Better late than never. Special half edition because of some interviews. Theme: New music and my favorite beatles songs. I will not be on next week but will return the week after (4/11).

song - artist

australia - the shins
i've just seen a face - the beatles
four winds - bright eyes
bungalo bill - the beatles
EMG - el-p
flying - the beatles
march into the sea - modest mouse
when i'm 64 - the beatles
choco fight - deerhoof
your mother should know - the beatles
cats as a jour - of montreal
back in the USSR - the beatles
keep the car running - arcade fire
you've really got a hold on me - the beatles
energy - apples in stereo
polythene pam - beatles
the prayer - bloc party
blackbird - the beatles
haunted - radical face
piggies - the beatles


Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Radio #1 - Elect Craig T. Nelson for Grand Marshal

  1. Portishead - Strangers
  2. B. Fleischmann - Take a Day Off
  3. The Dead Science - Drrty Magneto <------ playing at GZ in Nugent Hall on campus this Saturday, 3/31
  4. Air - Somewhere Between Waking and Sleeping
  5. The Dead Science - Unseeing Eye
  6. The Go Find - Dictionary
  7. Crystal Castles - Air War
  8. Ms. John Soda - Go Check
  9. Skalpel - Not Too Bad
  10. Red Snapper - The Paranoid
  11. Bjork - Possibly Maybe
  12. Crustation - Purple
  13. Air - Napalm Love
  14. Mouse on Mars - Rompatrouille
  15. Air - Don't Be Light
  16. Yo La Tengo - Autumn Sweater

The Blender (fill in), Wednesday Mar 24 @ 2-3p

Underworld - Thing in a Book
Underworld - Dark Hand
Aphex Twin - To Cure A Weakling Child
Otto Von Schirach - Educating the Sound Barrier 2
Squarepusher - Mind Rubbers
Mochipet - Botan Ricecore
Chris Clark - Tycan
Machine Drum - Cream Soda pt 2
Goldfrapp - Lovely Head
Enjoy the GM/PU debates :o

Punk and Indie Gems - 3/28/07

No theme this week, just a regular show.
New-ish stuff in green, old-ish stuff in brown. New basically means released in 2000 or later.

1 -- The Descendents - Cheer
2 -- The Meat Puppets - Split Myself In Two
3 -- Obechoir - Backwash Philosophy
4 -- The Sissies - To the Rescue
5 -- Paul Baribeau - Like Bells...
6 -- This Bike Is A Pipe Bomb - Of Chivalry and Romance In A Dumpster
7 -- Neutral Milk Hotel - Engine
8 -- Operation: Cliff Clavin - I Used to Be a Meat Eater -- members of Ghost Mice in previous band
9 -- !!! - A New Name -- From !!!'s new CD
10 -- Sonic Youth - What a Waste
11 -- Jawbox - Green Glass
12 -- Mission of Burma - Birthday
13 -- Fear - Camarillo
14 -- Devo - Space Junk
15 -- Gang of Four - Glass
16 -- Faraquet - The Missing Piece
17 -- Tryanosaurosteglomeglodon: The Band Before Time - ??? -- My friends made this band about dinosaurs and recorded some songs for it.
18 -- The Arcade Fire - My Body Is a Cage
19 -- Liz Isenberg - I Miss the Way You Draw Birds

Three Short Words - I'm Tired of Titles - 3/28/07

New music played in it's entirity in orange.
New music accidently cut off midway in green.
Old(er) music played in it's entirity in blue.
Old(er) music accidently cut off midway in purple.

Feist - The Water
Belle & Sebastian - Wrapped up in Books
Beulah - Hey Brother
Mirah - Light the Match
Modest Mouse - March into the Sea
The Flaming Lips - This Here Giraffe
Astronautilus - Seaweed Sheets
Cloud Cult - Take Your Medicine
Stephen Malkmus - Mama
Arcade Fire - No Cars Go
The Go Betweens - Poison in the Walls
The Mathematicians - What's the Difference
LCD Soundsystem - Watch the Tapes
Electric President - Some Crap About the Future

The Blender (fill in), Wednesday Mar 24 @ 11a-noon

11:00 or so, "What's Going On Here?"
Nightmares on Wax - Argha Noah
Nightmares on Wax - Fire in the Middle
Cex - Covington
Echoboy - 43
The Jesus & Mary Chain - Perfume
Phantom Limb & Tetuzi Akiyama - Hot Ginger

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Jock the Sock 3/27

Jock the Sock
Tuesdays 2-4PM
new music= green
requests= pink

the shins- turn on me
!!!-myth takes
my morning jacket- gideon
the bird and the bee- la la la
mates of state- an experiment
beck- hell yes
the mathematicians- lcd
the knife- like a pen (they're swedish!)
the arcade fire- neon bible
notorious b.i.g. feat. puff daddy and ma$e- mo' money mo' problems
radiohead- 2+2=5

let's go sailing- sideways
annie- chewing gum
ted leo and the pharmacists- i'm a ghost
spoon- the way we get by
kaiser chiefs- thank you very much
paul simon- crazy love, vol II
sleater kinney- wilderness
the new pornographers- sing me spanish techno
lost in the trees- lost in the snow
sneaker pimps- six underground (nelly hooper edit)
pedro the lion- foregone conclusions
mew- am i wry? no
the unicorns- les os
iggy pop- the passenger
bright eyes- arc of time
death cab for cutie- a lack of color
pixel panda- to happy hunting ground

Ambient Signal playlist 3/27/07

WRPI 91.5fm! for webcast

Hammock- ...Like Starlight Into Day
Cat power- Colors and the kids
Bright Eyes- Smoke without fire
The Decemberists- Perfect Crime 2
The Notwist- Moron
Menomena- The Late Great Libido
Dntel- Dumb Luck
Boards of Canada- Music is Math
Stuntrock- Four thousand and one desperate attempts to keep a relationship interesting
Dead Science- Last Return
Mason proper- Carousel! Carousel!
Cloud Cult- Take your medicine
Feist- Water
Radical Face- Let the river in
Benni Hemm Hemm- Brekkan
Panda bear- Im not

Amiina- Hilli
WHY?- Gemini (Birthday song)
The Books- Tokyo
Mono- The Flames beyond cold mountain
Battles- Tij