Thursday, March 29, 2007

Addicted to Baked Goods 3/28

Better late than never. Special half edition because of some interviews. Theme: New music and my favorite beatles songs. I will not be on next week but will return the week after (4/11).

song - artist

australia - the shins
i've just seen a face - the beatles
four winds - bright eyes
bungalo bill - the beatles
EMG - el-p
flying - the beatles
march into the sea - modest mouse
when i'm 64 - the beatles
choco fight - deerhoof
your mother should know - the beatles
cats as a jour - of montreal
back in the USSR - the beatles
keep the car running - arcade fire
you've really got a hold on me - the beatles
energy - apples in stereo
polythene pam - beatles
the prayer - bloc party
blackbird - the beatles
haunted - radical face
piggies - the beatles


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