Saturday, January 20, 2007

Blender: the 1/20 fillin show! 4-6pm

A quick note before I post the playlist, I messed up last semester and didn't take the necessary steps that would get me a show this semester. Whoops... but I'm fixing it as fast I can, and hopefully soon I *will* be on the schedule for Spring 2007. But definitely not 4-6 fridays like I used to be, that slot is getting in the way; expect monday, wednesday, or thursday during the day.

This will be my last semester at RPI and hence at WRPI. Thanks to my loyal listeners (I was totally shocked to find out i had loyal listeners). I took a peek at the new music drawer, there is SO MUCH amazing music in there! These last 4 months are gonna be a blast.

Spongebob and the Losers - Ripped Pants
Farmacia - Estas Tecnicas
PSAPP - Tricycle
Aemae - Spectral Psychosis
Gorch Fock - Fitzcarroldo
Monotract - Game 7
The Pneuma Trio - Bufkins Tank
The New Deal - Deep Sun
U-Melt - 415
Nullsleep - The Model (Kraftwerk cover)
Disasterpeace - The Great Stitch Divide I - Here Comes the Plaid Platoon
Disasterpeace - The Great Stitch Divide II - We Are the Eveready Argyle Army
Bubblyfish - It's More Fun To Compute (Kraftwerk cover)
Bit Shifter - Antenna (Kraftwerk cover)
The Octopus Project + Black Moth Super Rainbow - Elq Milq
Sonic Mechatronik Arkestra - Mechatronik Man
Buildings Breeding - Emmawood
Reba Hasko - Death by Facelift
Bracken - Evil Teeth
Android Lust - Thomael
Android Lust - Downer (Crocodile Shop remix)
Postscripts - Evolution Maybe
Camera Obscura - Alaska
Beck - Broken Drum (Boards of Canada remix)

Definitely the highlight of the show is the 8-bit Operators compilation. Tons of amazing chiptune artists appear: in addition to those above, Glomag, Covox, Role Model, 8-Bit Weapon, and David E Sugar have all created their own Kraftwerk covers. It's great to see these talented musicians, whom I've been into for a few years now, finally get some national attention in the form of a compilation released by Astralwerks.


Honeycut - Dark Day, White Lines
siliconscally - thrusters
2 bit pie - here I come
brazilian girls - mstrkrft remix - jique
portishead - compactrisk's hard shoulder remix - roads
birds and batteries - gloria
65daysfstatic - drove through glass to get here
8-bit operators - pocket calculator - (8-bit Kraftwerk cover)
disasterpiece - neutral town occupation
disasterpiece - the athelets foothills
brazilian girls - lazy lover (from the AXE commercial)

next week 4-6 on saturday! tune in!