Saturday, June 21, 2008

A Friendly Reminder from Gold Sounds

Girl Talk - Feed the Animals

As of Thursday, mash-up specialist Girl Talk's newest album is available for download on his label's (Illegal Arts) website. Word has it that it picks up right where his previous album, the excellent Night Ripper, leaves off. I just started listening to the album like 30 seconds ago and already have encountered a 'holy shit, awesome' moment.

The download works much like how Radiohead's newest album worked. Choose to donate as much as you want and you obtain a download of the album (including nothing, if you're feeling stingy). The quality of the content depends on how much you donate; the benefits of donating more are listed in the download link.

If for some reason you aren't sure whether or not to download Feed the Animals for free, it's streaming in full on Girl Talk's myspace. Personal favorites so far include "Play Your Part (Pt. 1)," "Set it Off," and "Let Me See You."

You'll surely be hearing more and more about Girl Talk and this album in the next few months, including on this blog. Enjoy the album.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Ambient Signal 6/18/08 - Post 10,000 hits

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6-8pm Wednesdays

Yeaah 10,000 hitz..heres to 10,000 more

My Milky Way Arms- Unbearable Lightness of Being
Mason proper- A Chance Encounter
Bell Orchestre- Throw it on a fire
Sigur Ros- Inni mer syngur vitleysingur
Under Byen- Pilot
Le Loup- To the stars! To the night!
Menomena- The late great libido
Beck-New Round
Morning Recordings- Sugar Waltz
The Notwist- Good Lies
My Brightest Diamond- The Ice & The Storm
Wolf Parade- Language City
Fleet Foxes- White winter hymnal
My Education- Aria
Cineplexx- A mi lado
Tilly and the wall- Chandelier lake
Watson Twins- Fall
Nethers- Great big grave
Jason Webley- Little Sister
Bright Eyes- Middleman
Maria Taylor- Clean getaway
Camera Obscura- Knee deep at the NPL
Iron and Wine- Such great heights
Clare and the reasons- Alphabet City
The Album Leaf- Broken Arrow

pinkie swear

artist - track

bitter:sweet - the bomb
the ting tings - that's not my name
does it offend you, yeah? - dawn of the dead
walter meego - wanna be a star
the futureheads - decent days
portishead - silence
ladytron - ghosts
my brightest diamond - inside a boy
death cab for cutie - no sunlight
daedelus - make it so
mates of state - my only offer
feist - 1234
the notwist - good lies
the bridal shop - from seas
M83 - kim & jessie
aimee mann - freeway
modest mouse - so much beauty in dirt
weezer - pork and beans
radiohead - jigsaw falling into place
midnight juggernauts - into the galaxy
neutral milk hotel - two headed boy
lymbic system - love your abuser
architechture in helsinki - it's 5
four tet - ribbons
N.E.R.D. - anti matter
the knife - is it medicine
dosh - kit and pearle
hammock - mono mo aware
explosions in the sky - memorial

-Emelie [ 10046 hits! yay! ]

Conor Oberst's new solo album and tour

The news has been out there for a while that Conor Oberst has been writing and recording new material outside of the Bright Eyes arena since late last year. His solo album will be coming out on Merge (not saddle creek or team love? wtf..) on August 4th.

He has 2 tracks streaming on the website :

and personally its going to be very hard for me to seperate them from sounding like Bright Eyes, but they have been obsessively one of my favorite bands for years..I saw them in concert 3 times last year..looks like those of you in the capitol region will be able to catch this new Conor Oberst and the Mystic Valley Band experiment because on their tour page they list:

8/17 Saratoga, NY Saratoga Music Festival

I'm pretty sure I'm going to that..

EDIT: just found this post and I may not be going, wallet: