Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Ambient Signal 9/19/07 The tomorrow's my birthday edition

WRPI 91.5fm! for webcast

It is..but I won't tell how old I am

Portishead- Strangers (Live)

Ester Drang- Come Back Alive

Brand New- Limousine

Annuals- Bleary Eyed

Bright Eyes- True Blue (Live)

Tulsa Drone- Chiarschuro

Young Galaxy- Swing Your Heartache

Grizzly Bear- Knife

On! Air! Library!- Faultered Ego

Le Loup- Le Loup (Fear Not)

Clare and the reasons- Nothing/nowhere

Madlib- Movie finale

Minus the bear- Part 2

The Good Life- So Let Go

Gravenhurst- Saints

Jose Gonzalez- Down the line

Caribou- Melody line

Deer tick- Diamond rings 2007

Azure Ray- Fourth of July

Cat Power- Maybe Not

Cortney Tidwell- Our Time

CocoRosie- Candyland

Vashti Bunyan- Here before

Amiina- Hilli

pinkie swear

artist - title
freakbass - minute to forever
channel one - rhythm & purpose
antoine f*ck - alexander kostruba
schiller - tired of being alone
swayzak - so cheap
the crystal method - keep hope alive - MSTRKRFT remix
*giveaway to In the Valley of Elah*
ernest gonzales - reminisce
take - monopoly money
calvin harris - colours
the blow - hey boy
justice - phantom
daft punk - phoenix
lali puna - together in electric dreams
Various Artists: From LA with Love - TAKE - walk away
Misha - weatherbees
honorary title - stay away
the notwist - red room
the dead science - white train
cloud cult - happy hippo
casiotone for the painfully alone - a normal suburban lifestyle is a near impossibility once youve fallen in love with an international spy
audio bullys - shot you down feat. nancy sinatra
the blow - come on petunia (cover song)
misha - scars
lali puna - flowchart - fast forward remix

yay WRPI for being nominated by CMJ!!


Gold Sounds 9/19/07

Second edition of Gold Sounds! A little hectic at the beginning but otherwise pretty smooth. This radio show thing is pretty sweet. Thanks for calling in if you did. New songs in orange, requests in red, songs about boxing in blue.

Built to Spill - Randy Describes Eternity
The Alarmists - Little Hands
Spoon - Don't Make Me a Target

This Bike a Pipe Bomb - Jack Johnson
Modest Mouse - You're the Good Things
Pinback - Barnes

Wolf Parade - You Are a Runner and I Am My Father's Son
Fourth of July - Surfer Dude
Dirty Projectors - Room 13

The Decemberists - Here I Dreamt I Was an Architect
Okkervil River - For Real
Chuck Ragan - Geraldine

The Rentals - The Love I'm Searching For
Weezer - In the Garage
Matt Sharp - Goodbye West Coast

Pavement - Trigger Cut
Red Collar - Stay
Archers of Loaf - Web in Front

Blockhead - Cherry Picker (Aesop Rock and Blockhead are playing Northampton on the 25th. go to for details)
Aesop Rock - Bring Back Pluto
The Flaming Lips - Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots Pt. 1

The Blood Brothers - Laser Life
Cap'n Jazz - In the Clear

This Bike is a Pipe Bomb - The Ballad of Sonny Liston
Pavement - Fillmore Jive

Won't be here next week, so see you in two weeks! Thanks for listening.

Monday, September 17, 2007


  1. Picastro - Hortur
  2. Opening song : Portishead - Only You (live)
  3. CSS - F**koff Is Not The Only Thing You Have To Show
  4. Flying Lotus - Massage Situation
  5. Battles - Atlas
  6. Stunt Rock - We'll see what's so funny when I'm f**king dead.
  7. The Dirty Projectors - I Will Truck
  8. Sand - Body In The River
  9. Portishead - Numb
  10. Shugo Takumaru - The Mop (Shugo Takumaru Remix)
  11. Crystal Castles - Alice Practice
  12. Sagor & Swing - Rymden pa 50-talet
  13. Piano Overlord - Spring's Arrival
  14. Captain Funkaho - My 2600
  15. Lootpack - On Point
  16. Quasimoto - Microphone Mathematics Remix
  17. The Go Find - Everything Is Low
  18. b. fleischmann - play the big a
  19. Ilya - Blatchford
  20. Portishead - Roads (best request ever)
  21. Scabs - Leave Me Alone
  22. Magik Markers - Body Rot
  23. Numbers - We Like Having These Things
  24. The Organ - Basement Band Song
  25. The Blow - Nothing
  26. Benoit Pioulard - Fir
  27. The Dirty Projectors - Gimme Gimme Gimme
  28. Regina Spektor - Samson
  29. The Microphones - Headless Horseman
  30. Servotron - Tri Star Wheel Groove
  31. Apparat Organ Quartet - The Anguish of Space Time

WRPI gets nominated for CMJ Awards

Every year the College Music Journal (CMJ) awards certain stations of merit. WRPI has been attending the annual CMJ marathon Conference in NYC for the last 2 years (maybe more..only 2 years since I've been here). We've always been jealous of the other stations getting awards, and this year we finally managed to get some nominations! Including Emelie and yours truly, we were nominated for several other is the full run down:

Best Music Director - Blair N.
Best Specialty Music Director - Emelie H.
Best Website - WRPI
Best Community Resource - WRPI
Best Speciality Programming - WRPI

I'd say we've done pretty we just gotta hope we win..unfortunately, dear listeners, I don't think you can help us there because only people who attend the conference can vote..but we'll certainly let you know if we win..wish us luck

The link to the official page: