Monday, September 17, 2007

WRPI gets nominated for CMJ Awards

Every year the College Music Journal (CMJ) awards certain stations of merit. WRPI has been attending the annual CMJ marathon Conference in NYC for the last 2 years (maybe more..only 2 years since I've been here). We've always been jealous of the other stations getting awards, and this year we finally managed to get some nominations! Including Emelie and yours truly, we were nominated for several other is the full run down:

Best Music Director - Blair N.
Best Specialty Music Director - Emelie H.
Best Website - WRPI
Best Community Resource - WRPI
Best Speciality Programming - WRPI

I'd say we've done pretty we just gotta hope we win..unfortunately, dear listeners, I don't think you can help us there because only people who attend the conference can vote..but we'll certainly let you know if we win..wish us luck

The link to the official page: