Thursday, September 13, 2007

monsters get slain september 13, 2007

i am welcoming a new semester with some old favorites..
here is my show playlist for this afternoon. my time is now thursday from 6-7.

beirut : postcards from italy
camera obscura : teenager
michael jordan touchdown pass : steel and smoke
up up down down left right left right b a start : i'm growing out
band of horses : our swords
say hi to your mom : forest scares the hell out of me
explosions in the sky : glittering blackness
appleseed cast : innocent vigilant ordinary
radical face : wrapped in piano strings
victoria principle : track 2
et tu brute : demo track 3
majority rule : boeing
craig salt peters : good morning glory
sinaloa : tongue to teeth
spirit of versailles : recite this dialogue
transistor transistor : girls!girls!girls!
beirut : after the curtain

peace to friends in louisiana and texas from evil humberto! make the best of him!

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