Tuesday, May 22, 2007

monsters get slain may 22 2007


badly drawn boy : a minor incident
dead bird : greg
the weakerthans : confessions of a futon revolutionists
danielson famile : we don't say shut up
the mountain goats : peacocks
madeline : fish in the sea
jordaan mason : make blankets your yard
iron & wine : weary memory
kind of like spitting : allison's hands
captain chaos : 11:11
matty pop chart : i love my friends
andrew jackson jihad : lightning bolt
ghost mice : up the punks
marty sprowles : birthday song for bella
paul baribeau : nervous feet
ghost mice : 1,000,000 hour
defiance ohio : lullabies
defiance ohio : petty problems
fishboy : onomatopoeia
this bike is a pipe bomb : this is what i want
5 6 7 8's : hey hey, ha! ha!
the advantage : final fantasy
braid : strawberry ann switzerland
*vcr : bratcore
*attractive and popular : sononon
the bicycles : bbbicycles
breaker! breaker! : do right, do wrong
makeup : drop the needle
battles : atlas
u.s. maple : the state was bad
kids these days : the hips (the captain)
basil the mouse : falling out of love with you
man... or astroman? : destination venus
the good good : wooden cell
xiu xiu : hello from eau claire
music tapes : song for soon to be sailor
appleseed cast : fight song
adam green : jessica
beirut : postcards from italy
say hi to your mom : i think i'll be a good ghost

*playing june 11, 2007 with the mathematicians at hot shots in glens falls!

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