Thursday, February 01, 2007

monsters get slain Feb 1st 2007!!

here are lots of songs i've listened to millions of times over, even if it wasn't yesterday. i like this list because it's very relaxed and unconfrontational. or is it nonconfrontational? either way, you can relate to this music (i know you can)

1. aloha- boys in the bathtub
2. the blow- true affection
3. the appleseed cast- innocent vigilant ordinary
4. capn jazz- planet shhh
5. tim kinsellas- the sinularity song
6. arab strap- the shy retirer
7. michael jordan touchdown pass- ill planned and ill feeling
8. captain chaos- crooked rascal
9. best friends forever- i want to plug you in
10. the blow- hey boy
11. paul baribeau- strawberry
12. craig salt peters- good morning glory
13. jeffrey lewis- life
14. herman dune- 1 2 3 apple tree
15. pretty hot- brotherly blows to the back of the head
16. the go find- everything is low
17. black moth super rainbow- boatfriend
18. math the band- larry is just super
19. islands- if

ps- check out ghost mice with l'hiver, ryan jenkins, kitty little and hello fauna at GroundZero on RPI campus at Nugent hall this MONDAY!!! zomgz im so excited for this show.


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