Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Three Short Words - Impossible Early Edition 1/31/07

The playlist is posted and the show isn't even over yet! I deserve some sort of medal.

Wolf Parade - You Are A Runner and I Am My Father's Son
Why? - Rubber Traits
Modest Mouse - Dashboard
The Mathematicians - LCD
Ozra - In Search of 1988
The Shins - Australia
Matt Pond PA - Summer is Coming
Superchunk - Growing Things
Dinosaur Jr. - In A Jar
Her Space Holiday - The Past Presents the Future
Apples in Stereo - Same Old Drag
Mirah - Sweepstake Prize
Yo La Tengo - Season of the Shark
Arcade Fire - Black Fire


Addiced to Baked Goods said...

you played the same wolf parade song like 15 minutes after i did

Lauren said...

That's a delicious playlist.