Friday, October 20, 2006

The Progressive Sounds of the Garak Shack 10.20.06

First post. The Garak Shack is the name of the show, but I've got a proposition for the readers: Help me rename my show, since I am dreadfully ashamed that I named it after a Deep Space Nine character. So comment, e-mail me, whatever and maybe earn bragging rights that you convinced some guy you don't know to change the name of his radio show.

Current Contenders:
Delta F
Pomp and Pride

Now the playlist! New music indicated when warranted.

01. Beck - Derelict
02. Chin Up, Chin Up - This Harness Can't Ride Anything *NEW
03. Wilco - Far, Far Away
04. Mighty Fairly - Movin' On *NEW
05. Sufjan Stevens - Concerning the UFO Sighting Near Highland, Illinois
06. Echo and the Bunnymen - Never Stop
07. Beat Happening - Knock on Any Door
08. So It Goes - No Guns, No Love *NEW
09. Heaven 17 - The Height of Fighting
10. The Zombies - Care of Cell 44
11. Ada Jane - The Wayside *NEW (Reminded me a bit of mid 80's Elvis Costello)
12. Beulah - Your Mother Loves You Son
13. Jeffery and Jack Lewis - Something Good *NEW (Good punkish stuff)


Ambient Slut said...


"the four hour power hour"

i had a show at home called 'the four hour power hour condensed into 3 hours' it was 3am to rocked

allisahn said...

yeahh!! chinup chinup is an amazing appleseed cast sideproject. i saw them open for appleseed a year ago in brooklyn. (: wonderful show.

Tony said...

I think I might go with Pomp and Pride.