Tuesday, October 24, 2006

monsters get slain 10-24-06

petroleum jelly- sockpocket
ol dirty bastard- cold blooded
mathematicians- cruisin
cansei de ser sexy- alala
cornelius- 2010
dan deacon- lion with a sharks head
65 days of static "welcome to the times"
you say party! we say die!- the gap (between the rich and the poor)
m.i.a.- bucky done gone
the chinese stars- electrodes in captivity
ladytron- seventeen
li'l pocketknife- 5'2"
gravy train!!!!- evrybody do the thingy
attractive and popular- we're so pretty
cansei de ser sexy- off the hook
junior senior- move ya feet
tracy and the plastics- myth of the front
moving units- anyone
miracle chosuke- clifton

i decided to do a little dancy bit since it's a friend's birthday and she loves it. we actually did a grind show this summer called "rat in a bucket".. it shredded faces. (:

i shaved my cat because she got fleas real bad. that's the only news i have.

been playing too much silent hill 2..

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