Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Ambient Signal 10/24/06

I will be playfully caressing you with my choices of musical fuzziness this evening (creepy!)
WRPI 91.5fm!
www.wrpi.org for webcast

  1. Fog- What a Day Day
  2. Sunset Rubdown- Us ones in between
  3. Smoosh- Find a way
  4. Vio/Mire- For the last time
  5. Liz Isenberg- 123 Destroy
  6. Bright Eyes- We are free men
  7. The Album Leaf- Story Board
  8. Engine Down- Closed Call
  9. Margot and the Nuclear so and so's- Skeleton key
  10. DNTEL- (This is) The Dream of Evan and Chan
  11. Stars- My Radio (AM Mix)
  12. The Books- An Owl with knees
  13. Annuals- Sway
  14. Decemberists- Crane Wife 3
  15. Dosh- A ghost's business
  16. Daylights for the birds- Worlds Away
  17. Bitcrush- Every Ghost has its spectre
  18. Tartufi-Mourning's wake
  19. Wet Confetti- Touch it
  20. Mum- Awake on a train
  21. Sigur Ros- Syndir Guds (Opinberun frelsarans)
  22. Efterklang- Kloy Gyn
A lot of long songs in this playlist..but who said I ever condoned playing only radio friendly stuff..hopefully you'll have the attention span for them (if you think they warrant your attention) and I hope you enjoy them..and all of the other songs


Emelie said...

Yea for Bitcrush!!

Ambient Slut said...

yeaah..i like that album more..the spectre song was better than the one i played last week..i'm going to paly some of the longer songs on future shows...thanks again for the suggestion