Wednesday, October 25, 2006

punk and indie gems - oct 25th show

No requests this show
* means the band is currently active
bands with links mean the band plays at smaller venues and you should check them out more to support them. plus, it'll probably be really cheap
1) Jawbreaker - Kiss the Bottle - a love song about alcoholism
2*) NOFX - The Decline - 18 awesome minutes about the decline of american culture
3*) Elf Power - All the World is waiting - they sound like the unicorns, i think, but i'm probably wrong
4*) Mastodon - Capillarian Crest - really fast yet prog metal song. Mastodon rocks
5*) Apple Jackzzzzz - Faking Sick > School - hiphop songs for kids, sounds like atom and his package. RPI student
6*) Paul Baribeau - Like Bells - a nice acoustic song
7*) Liz Isenberg - Winter Hearts Settle - an artist from amherst, ma who does acoustic songs, except lo-fi, relatively short, and with some ambient effects every so often. I really like it. She's coming back to Ground Zero at RPI sometime in late November
8*) Vio/Mire - November 10 - folk meets ambience
9*) Beck - Elevator Music
10*) Nic Engel - Ravager - man with an acoustic guitar, except he's really fast and talented. RPI alumni
11*) The Matches - Papercut Skin - a pop/punk band on Epitaph Records. The whole album is really strange for a pop-punk band, but amazing
12*) Broken Social Scene - 7/4 (Shoreline)

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