Tuesday, October 24, 2006

A Bit of an Introduction:

Why hello. I'm the secret member of this community, as in I've yet to air a show since this blog has been created. You can thank the RPI sports and family weekend for that. However, this Saturday (Oct 28) marks my return. So unless there are any last minute games that I don't know about, I'll be in the airwaves making my way to a radio near you. Since I've been off for so long, I have a long list of new music that I'm itching to play for you. Artists include 65daysofstatic, Bitcrush, Riding Paper Airplanes, Junior Boys and many more! Be sure to tune in on Saturday, immediately following the football game, from 4-6pm.

-Emelie "pinkie swear." Saturday 4-6pm [electronic]


allisahn said...

you're so classy. the new 65days album is so great!

Ambient Slut said...

haha..and you probably won't have your show nov. 4th (the next saturday) either because of cmj..but ill be missing my show on tuesday too..boooo