Friday, October 27, 2006

Blender Playlist for Friday 10/27

Finally I make a post here. Below for this week's playlist, past playlists as always are at If you haven't had the chance to listen to my show, well, you best start! All sorts of stuff ranging from stuff the other guys play to glitch and noise! :D Hope to see you next week after work and school, friday from 4 to 6.

As far as albums to check out, well, if you've been listening to the show I've been crazy about "The Binary Universe" by BT. Essentially a movie soundtrack, since the CD comes with a DVD with animations for each of the 7 songs on the album. Definitely a departure from his previous work, which ventured more into the realm of pop and trance (still good though). But now he's closer to glitch/IDM/post rock, and I like it! Highly HIGHLY reccomended.

Also check out the new albums from Bitcrush, Mochipet, and 65daysofstatic.

Upcoming shows, well, there's that ground zero show on the 4th. for more info.

Playlist for Friday October 27, 2006

4 to 6 pm
Edward Ka-Spel - Hey Rainman (Forest Friendly mix)
Sounds From The Ground - Allsorts
Unkle - In A State (DFA remix)
Shout Out Out Out Out - Dude You Feel Electrical
Mochipet - Kickass Pencil Box
Quench - Reap
Caural - Transition Suite Part II: Papillon
The Baldwin Brothers feat. Julio Davi - When My Brother Had A Datsun
Sleepytime Gorilla Museum - Sleepytime
Boards of Canada - Ready Lets Go
Boards of Canada - Music is Math
Radiohead - Idioteque
Bitcrush - Colder
Ensemble - Disown, Delete (Tim Hecker remix)
Michael Vernusky - Drawn Inward
BT - Good Morning Kaia
Sting - Have You Seen the Bright Lily Grow
Dosh - A Ghost's Business
65daysofstatic - Radio Protector
Neutral Milk Hotel - Two-Headed Boy Pt. Two
Ulrich Schnauss - ...Passing By
6:00, "After Dark"
Boards of Canada - The Smallest Weird Number
Boards of Canada - 1969
Boards of Canada - Energy Warning
Boards of Canada - The Beach at Redpoint
end of show

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