Tuesday, October 31, 2006

monsters get slain! oct 30th.

well today was quite an interesting episode of monsters get slain. i had a wonderful guest band play a wonderful set live in the studio and it sounded amazing!!

scientific maps played 6 or 7 songs today!

we started the show with monsters get slain by ghost mice (to keep continuity, of course)
then we moved onto a Q&A with scientific maps.. we talked alot about their individual work as well as collective work.
then they played a great set.. but i didn't write down the names of the songs right so i'll just say they a couple from their new album, "get off the moon" which releases on a big wonderful show jan 12th at valentine's.

(they're also playing on december 23rd at red square)

then i played 3 songs.
kimya dawson- underground
michael jordan touchdown pass- the march of insubordination (please please please listen to this song. it's amazingly catchy and so so happy but so so angry too)
johnny hobo and the freight trains- put arsenic in the frosting next time.

unfortunately i won't be doing my show (anyone want a free hour after 10pm next week?) because i'll be at the johnny hobo performance at the ironweed collective in albany next monday.
you should go too!

well now back to the books!

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