Thursday, November 02, 2006

CMJ Day 2 - Emelie

What a trip. I woke up late yesterday and showered and got ready. Took the G train to the C right to Columbus Circle. I stopped in this amazing bagel shop (Bergen Bagels, the best of Brooklyn n my opinion) on the way for tea and a bagel with basil cream cheeese. SO good! The girls I'm staying with (who attend Pratt and are both art majors) made me a hand drawn map that told me where to go in a fun little way. It saved me. CMJ gave us this handbook that is your Bible while you are here. Seriously.

I met up with Blar and Jeremy and we did some booth browsing. I found this company that dealt with American/French electronic music relations. She gave me a booklet of all the artists. The first page was Air and it only got better from there. She gave me her business card so expect more from artists like Mr. Oizo, Octet, and many more French artists.

We attended a panel on digital music and it featured people from, rhapsody, napster and more.

The entire crew went to see the movie FUCK, which was a documentary on the word. It was great. The interviews were from both right and left wings, and comedians; making for an extremely funny movie. Highly reccomended.

Later on in the night Jeremy and I went to a bar where I met up with Jessica from SPECTRE Entertainment, where I was denied to a bar for being under 21. Lame. Honeycut and Kraak & Smaak were playing so I wasn't able to catch them. From there we went to see The Knife play at Webster Hall (which as Jeremy pointed out, was decorated with webs for halloween - har har). We found this extremely drunk kid (or rather, he found us) who was SO excited and just made our night so much better.

In line for the show we met this cool band called In Blood Lines. They have a show on Friday. Very cool kids from Canada.

The Knife show was great, they performed in head to toe jumpsuits, facial masks that glowed in blacklight and they were behind a screen the entire show. The lights were strictly black lights and there were neat visuals on the screen in front of them and behind. It was so well done. The set felt some what short, especially considering it was the only act, but it was their second show in the US, I'll take what I can get.

After the show Jeremy and I were pools of sweat and we hit up the pizza place (again) for a bite of heaven. Then we went our seperate ways - myself, Brooklyn bound at 1am.

Today, it looks like rain. That makes me iffy. It's college day however and I have a free breakfast to catch! I'm off!


Anonymous said...

emilie! you should have taken the G to the A to columbus circle, so much faster! ;p

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