Wednesday, November 01, 2006

punk and indie gems - nov 1st

This is a shorter show than normal since WRPI was off the air until 1:18pm
* means the band is active

1 -- indian summer - truman -- my friend jon gave me an indian summer cd. it's old emo
2 -- jawbreaker - face down -- jawbreaker during their grunge phase
3* -- built to spill - conventional wisdom -- newest single from built to spill
4* -- defiance, ohio - old dead tree -- folk punk from indiana
5* -- emily haines and the soft skeleton - our hell -- from the new bins. pretty good
6 -- television - the dream's dream -- television is what the who would be if they were punk
7* -- the evens - you won't feel a thing -- former hardcore singer and indie drummer collaborate on something beautiful
8* -- the matches - sunburn vs the rhinosaurus -- this song's about suicide i think. i like the sound of the whole cd but haven't listened to it much yet
9 -- replacements - answering machine -- awesome song about heartbreak

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allisahn said...

yeahh defiance ohio rocks. their new album is a big A-PLUS. george our shows have much overlapping quantity.. and both have amazing quality.
(ps- it's bloomington, indiana.. not cali)