Friday, November 03, 2006

CMJ Day 3 - Emelie

Cold, wet and drizzly. By the time I got out on the road, it wasn't too bad. I only got four hours of sleep and my head was huuurting. I left my CMJ book at the apartment so I was just winging it. I went to Barnes and Noble for a free breakfast that was minimal but had those fancy new tea bags that are made of silk or something and they are triangular. So neat! I met up with Jeremy and Blar and we hit up many many panels that day. It was college day, so everything was geared towards us. We saw some porn stars talk.. I quoted a few of them. Interesting. Music and porn; what more do you need in life? -Jesse Caps The whole connection between women and music is very interesting. They talked about how music videos feature women and many promotional parties do as well (regardless of the item). Later we went to a lecture on PR and getting your radiostations name out there. It was really interesting and inspired me to do more PR stuff for the station. After all that, Jeremy and I went down to Tribecca to see Stranger Than Fiction which was playing for us at Tribecca Cinemas. I'm not one for humor but everyone else was laughing like crazy. I cried at the end, I felt it was a really touching movie, oddly enough. Then we went our seperate ways, and I headed off to the Marie Antoinette Filter Magazine party at the Hiro Lounge at the Maratime Hotel. They were serving Sofia champagne, from the Francis Ford Coppola Winery in California. Everything was free. Free t-shirt when you walked in, drinks, pins, magazines, feathers like Marie would wear, etc. So much fun! Ra Ra Riot performed and so did Bow Wow Wow. I grabbed some posters and went home after the show. I have to get back on the road today, later than yesterday but still okay. -Emelie

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Jamison said...

I love Bow Wow Wow but I'm still surprised the survived through all the weird pedophilia and parental problems they got themselves into when they were starting out. And that they're still playing today! Wacky.