Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Hello From CMJ: Day 1

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Dan Deacon is playing not too far and I wish I could be at that show, or at The Mathematicians in Albany!
Let it be known, Blar, Jeremy and I have all successfully made it to CMJ. We've checked in and started our adventure. Tonight, I decided to stay in and get settled. Dragging my suitcase and sleeping bag alone, from where Blar parked, through one subway line to the next was quite the adventure. If you know me at all, you know I'm not one to pack lightly. Blar and I got some pizza in this small overheated place and it was fantastic. There was an old man in the corner who was dressed so classy but looked as if he could hardly handle walking. My badge flapping in the breeze as Blar and I walked the streets. Blar is the only person who walks faster than I do through the city. The subway was packed with halloween costumes and paper bags with alcohol. Part of me felt bad for not celebrating my favortite holiday, but I think I did enough of it this past weekend. In NYC kids go trick-or-treating to stores, I find that pretty neat. In our free-bee bag came lots of indie pins, cds, ad cards, a cigarette tin and a condom that says PLAY HARD in a matches container? I'm overwhelmed with what to do tomorrow and the rest of the week. My schedule looks like the following:

10am-5pm – CMJ Tradeshow – Grand Promenade of Avery Fischer Hall
1:15-2:15: Based on a True Story: Music Biopics – Helen Huntington Hull
3- Asobi Sesku – Apple Store - Soho
2:30 – 3:30: The Guru Guide to Music’s Latest High-Tech Media – Avery Fischer Hall
3:15 FUCK: the movie
8-12:15 – Arlene’s Grocery – Peachcake (12:15)
7-1 – Mercury Lounge – Girl Talk(1am)
10:15 – The Knife - Webster Hall – Doors open at 6pm

So many things overlap, and I need to figure that stuff out. I definitely want to go to the Knife show though over the others. I'm getting sleepy so early tonight. I'm sleeping in tomorrow; the panels didn't grab my attention that much and I could use the sleep. That's all for now! I hope to get you some pictures soon too!

In other news, here is my playlist from last Saturday:
Push It / Salt-N-Pepa
5 Wishes & More / Moogwai
Speedbumps / Sounds from the Underground

All Sing Along / Audio Bullys
Drop Entitled / Bitcrush
Robot Girl (Featuring Ellen Allien) / Mochipet
The Hand That Feeds (DFA Remix) / Nine Inch Nails
Happy hippo / Cloud Cult
Teenagers in Love / Riding Paper Airplanes
The Snow Falls (Featuring the Train) / The Baldwin Brothers
Le Disko / Shiny Toy Guns
Rotorblade / Sounds from the Underground
Climbing on Roofs (Desperate Edit) / 65DaysOfStatic
Shake Your Coconuts (DFA Remix) / Junior Senior
Quills (Smash TV Mix) / Mochipet
Air Is Invisible / The Baldwin Brothers
Transistor Radio / Cloud Cult
Neverland / The Knife
W.O.R.K. / Bow Wow Wow
6 Days (Radio Mix) / Cloud Cult
Mothership / Kid Beyond
Colours (DFA Remix) / Hot Chip
Micael / Juana Molina
Every Ghost Has It’s Spectre / Bitcrush
Original Bedroom Rockers – Ambient Dance Party / The Anti-drama


Jamison said...

LOL. That last band blowz. You guys are so lucky... hopefully I can go next year.

Emelie said...

I've heard they are locals...