Wednesday, October 18, 2006

punk and indie gems

Hey everyone!

My show is Punk and Indie Gems, Wednesdays at 1pm to 2pm. I play mostly older indie music, bands which are usually really good except people haven't heard of them. I know my show name sucks, but it's an improvement on my previous show name (Pumping Lemmings). That's a pun on the comp sci term pumping lemma.

Having said that, I have a relatively narrow taste, but across lots of genres. So bands I like usually fit into these categories:
- songs change often (as in, drumming is creative, guitars change chords in unexpected ways, etc)
- songs are "jagged" but not necessarily loud
- songs are concise within reason. I still like "The Decline" by NOFX though because it's pretty much 8 songs that flow into each other nicely.
- albums flow nicely. I'm not really a shuffleplay person
- lyrics are a plus, and can make up for something lacking

I'm open to requests and like listening to new music. Chances are if it sounds like Fugazi or Mission of Burma I'm more likely to play it. If it's hardcore, a lack of swearing (for radio purposes) and meaningful lyrics are a plus (ie: Husker Du)

All of my previous playlists are here:
For old shows, that reflects the music I was planning on playing, but all new shows should be music I actually played.

Here's today's show:
* means the band is currently active and maybe touring
r means a request
1*) sonic youth - incinerate
2*) liz isenberg - hello christmas
3*) french toast - pattern
4*) medications - surprise!
5) husker du - broken heart broken home
6) television - the dream's dream
7*) modest mouse - medication
8*) beck - soldier jane
9) jawbreaker - split
10) bad brains - i against i
11*) badly drawn boy - camping next to water
12*r) sonic youth - pink steam
13*) grizzly bear - easier

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