Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Ambient Signal 11/7 The cool songs playlist

WRPI 91.5fm! for webcast

Yeaah..lots of good new songs this week

The Velvet Teen- The Raining Curtains

Four Tet- As Serious as your life

Radiohead- Nude

Swan lake- All Fire (fav song of the week)

Neva Dinova- Dances fantastic

Khoiba- No Feedback

Gustav mahler- Symphony 1, Movement III

Rachel's - Water from the same source

Octopus project- Exploding Snowhorse

Sunset Rubdown- Magic and Midas

Bowerbirds- In our talons

Emily Jane White- Hole in the middle

DRI- Meet me out

Most Serene Republic- present of future end

DNTEL- The Distance (Metronomy remix)

Last Days- The Whole town is against us

Mum- Dancing behind my eyeballs

Psapp- Needle and thread

The Album Leaf- Malmo

Ghost Orchid- Ana Mir

Damiak- Tenuous Gears

Sigur Ros- Flugufrelsarinn

Efterklang- Cutting Ice To Snow


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