Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Ambient Signal 12/5/07- Maybe last show of the year/semester edition?

WRPI 91.5fm! for webcast

Might be last show of semester/ im playing songs that will maybe be in my top top 10 will probably be up this weekend after classes and work end..

DNTEL- The Distance
Mum- Marmalade fires
Bend like Branches- Purling
Radiohead- Reckoner
Battles- Tij
Arcade fire- Black wave/ bad vibrations
Feist- Sea lion woman
Radical face- Welcome home
Le Loup- We are gods! we are wolves!
Animal Collective- Fireworks
Why?- By torpedo or crohns (dntel remix)
Cars and trains- Painting over it did no good/solitary bird
Terrordactyls- Devices
Main Drag- A jagged gorgeous winter
Psapp- Sad Song
Chairs in the Arno- Input delay
Memphis- I dreamed we fell apart
Georgie James- More lights
Art in Manila- Time gets us all
Gregory alan isakov- The Stable song
Bright Eyes- Lime tree
Amina- Sexfaldur

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